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There Are Two Ways Of Resisting War: The Legal Way And The Revolutionary Way. The Legal Way Involves The Offer Of Alternatinve Service Not As A Privilege For A Few But As A Right For All. The Revolutionary View Involves An Uncompromising Resistance, With A View To Breaking The Power Of Militarism In Time Of Peace Or The Resources Of The State In Time Of War.
~ Albert Einstein
All The Time A Person Is A Child He Is Both A Child And Learning To Be A Parent. After He Becomes A Parent He Becomes Predominantly A Parent Reliving Childhood.
~ Benjamin McLane Spock
It Is Possible That The Scrupulously Honest Man May Not Grow Rich So Fast As The Unscrupulous And Dishonest One But The Success Will Be Of A Truer Kind, Earned Without Fraud Or Injustice. And Even Though A Man Should For A Time Be Unsuccessful, Still He Must Be Honest Better Lose All And Save Character. For Character Is Itself A Fortune...
~ Samuel Smiles
A Human Being Is Part Of A Whole, Called By Us The Universe, A Part Limited In Time And Space. He Experiences Himself, His Thoughts And Feelings, As Something Separated From The Rest--a Kind Of Optical Delusion Of His Consciousness. This Delusion Is A Kind Of Prison For Us, Restricting Us To Our Personal Desires And To Affection For A Few Persons Nearest Us. Our Task Must Be To Free Ourselves From This Prison By Widening Our Circles Of Compassion To Embrace All Living Creatures And The Whole Of Nature In Its Beauty.
~ Albert Einstein
Everywhere Is Nowhere. When A Person Spends All His Time In Foreign Travel, He Ends By Having Many Acquaintances, But No Friends.
~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca
Turn Your Midlife Crisis To Your Own Advantage By Making It A Time For Renewal Of Your Body And Mind, Rather Than Stand By Helplessly And Watch Them Decline.
~ Jane E. Brody
I Have Lived In This World Just Long Enough To Look Carefully The Second Time Into Things That I Am Most Certain Of The First Time.
~ Josh Billings
This Is The Miracle That Happens Every Time To Those Who Really Love The More They Give, The More They Possess.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke
The Best Inheritance A Parent Can Give His Children Is A Few Minutes Of His Time Each Day.
~ O. A. Battista
The Man Whose Acquisitions Stick Is The Man Who Is Always Achieving And Advancing Whilst His Neighbors, Spending Most Of Their Time In Relearning What They Once Knew But Have Forgotten, Simply Hold Their Own.
~ William James
To Read A Book For The First Time Is To Make The Acquaintance Of A New Friend To Read It A Second Time Is To Meet An Old One.
~ Selwyn Champion
100 Invested At 7 Interest For 100 Years Will Become 100, 000, At Which Time It Will Be Worth Absolutely Nothing.
~ Lazarus Long