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If We Work Upon Marble, It Will Perish If We Work Upon Brass, Time Will Efface It If We Rear Temples, They Will Crumble Into Dust But If We Work Upon Immortal Minds And Instill Into Them Just Principles, We Are Then Engraving That Upon Tablets Which No Time Will Efface, But Will Brighten And Brighten To All Eternity.
~ Daniel Webste
Do Not Hover Always On The Surface Of Things, Nor Take Up Suddenly, With Mere Appearances But Penetrate Into The Depth Of Matters, As Far As Your Time And Circumstances Allow, Especially In Those Things Which Relate To Your Profession.
~ Isaac Watts
First There Is A Time When We Believe Everything, Then For A Little While We Believe With Discrimination, Then We Believe Nothing Whatever, And Then We Believe Everything Again - And, Moreover, Give Reasons Why We Believe.
~ Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
Nothing In Life Is To Be Feared, It Is Only To Be Understood. Now Is The Time To Understand More, So That We May Fear Less.
~ Marie Curie
Heaven Endures And The Earth Last A Long Time Because They Do Not Live For Themselves.
~ Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching
Mornings Are Wonderful! The Only Drawback Is That They Come At Such An Inconvenient Time Of Day!
~ Glen Cook, Sweet Silver Blues
Temptation Rarely Comes In Working Hours. It Is In Their Leisure Time That Men Are Made Or Marred.
~ W. N. Taylo
Those Who Have Long Enjoyed Such Privleges As We Enjoy Forget In Time That Men Have Died To Win Them.
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt
The Interstate Commerce Commission, As Its Functions Have Now Been Limited By The Courts Is, Or Can Be Made, Of Great Use To The Railroads. It Satisfies The Public Clamor For A Government Supervision Of Railroads, At The Same Time That That Supervision Is Almost Entirely Nominal.
~ Richard Olney, a lawyer for the Boston & Maine and Attorney General under Grover Cleveland, advising a railroad president
In The Beginning Was The Word. But By The Time The Second Word Was Added To It, There Was Trouble. For With It Came Syntax...
~ John Simon
Nothing, Of Course, Begins At The Time You Think It Did.
~ Lillian Hellman, An Unfinished Woman, 1969
If We Had More Time For Discussion, We Should Probably Have Made A Great Many More Mistakes.
~ Leon Trotsky