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If I Should Die, I Have Left No Immortal Work Behind Me - Nothing To Make My Friends Proud Of My Memory - But I Have Loved The Principle Of Beauty In All Things, And If I Had Had Time I Would Have Made Myself Remembered.
~ John Keats, Letter to Fanny Brawne, Feb 1820 - Died 1 year late
I Have Lived In This World Just Long Enough To Look Carefully The Second Time Into Things That I Am Most Certain Of The First Time.
~ Josh Billings
Remember That Lost Time Does Not Return.
~ Thomas a Kempis
To Live Is So Startling It Leaves Little Time For Anything Else.
~ Emily Dickinson
Do Not Condemn The Man That Cannot Think Or Act As Fast As You Can, Because There Was A Time When You Could Not Do Things As Well As You Can Today.
~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
We Need Quiet Time To Examine Our Lives Openly And Honestly... Spending Quiet Time Alone Gives Your Mind An Opportunity To Renew Itself And Create Order.
~ Susan Taylo
Everything In Life Changes You In Some Way. Even The Smallest Things. If You Do Not Accept These Changes You Do Not Accept Yourself. For Through These Changes Brings New And Greater Things To You, Making You Wiser, As Time Progresses. To Avoid These Changes Is A Loss. You Only Live Your Life Once. Do Not Waste A Minute Of It Avoiding Things. Let Them Come To You, And Learn From Them. There Is Always Tomorrow.
~ Adam R. Gwizdala
There Was Never Anything By The Wit Of Man So Well Devised, Or So Sure Established, Which In Continuance Of Time Hath Not Been Corrupted.
~ Book of Common Praye
The Loss Of A Friend Is Like That Of A Limb Time May Heal The Anguish Of The Wound, But The Loss Cannot Be Repaired.
~ Robert Southey
Come Out Of The Circle Of Time And Into The Circle Of Love.
~ Jalal ud- Din Rumi
I Now Have No Time To Be Tired.
~ Wilhelm I, last words, 8 March 1888
If I Had The Time To Sit Down And Write A Thank-you Note To Everyone Who Sent Me A Nice, Expensive Present, What A Wonderful World That Would Be.
~ Jack Handey Deep Thoughts