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To Fail Is A Natural Consequence Of Trying, To Succeed Takes Time And Prolonged Effort In The Face Of Unfriendly Odds. To Think It Will Be Any Other Way, No Matter What You Do, Is To Invite Yourself To Be Hurt And To Limit Your Enthusiasm For Trying Again.
~ David Viscott
Determine Never To Be Idle. No Person Will Have Occasion To Complain Of The Want Of Time Who Never Loses Any. It Is Wonderful How Much May Be Done If We Are Always Doing.
~ Thomas Jefferson
Our Generation Has An Incredible Amount Of Realism, Yet At The Same Time It Loves To Complain And Not Really Change Because If It Does Change Then It Won? T Have Anything To Complain About.
~ Tori Amos
Every Time We Remember To Say Thank You, We Experience Nothing Less Than Heaven On Earth.
~ Sarah Ban Breathnach
What Is A Thousand Years Time Is Short For One Who Thinks, Endless For One Who Yearns.
~ Alain
It Is From Numberless Diverse Acts Of Courage And Belief That Human History Is Shaped. Each Time A Man Stands Up For An Ideal, Or Acts To Improve The Lot Of Others, Or Strikes Out Against Injustice, He Sends Forth A Tiny Ripple Of Hope, And Crossing Each Other From A Million Different Centers Of Energy And Daring, Those Ripples Build A Current That Can Sweep Down The Mightiest Walls Of Oppression And Resistance.
~ Robert F. Kennedy, South Africa, 1966
This Is, I Say, The Time For All Good Men Not To Go To The Aid Of Their Party, But To Come To The Aid Of Their Country.
~ Eugene McCarthy
When You Meet Your Antagonist, Do Everything In A Mild And Agreeable Manner. Let Your Courage Be As Keen, But At The Same Time As Polished, As Your Sword.
~ Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Let Us Make One Point, That We Meet Each Other With A Smile, When It Is Difficult To Smile. Smile At Each Other, Make Time For Each Other In Your Family.
~ Mother Teresa, in her Nobel lecture
If There Are No Stupid Questions, Then What Kind Of Questions Do Stupid People Ask? Do They Get Smart Just In Time To Ask Questions?
~ Scott Adams
In Answer To The Question Of Why It Happened, I Offer The Modest Proposal That Our Universe Is Simply One Of Those Things Which Happen From Time To Time.
~ Edward P. Tryon
The Last Time Anybody Made A List Of The Top Hundred Character Attributes Of New Yorkers, Common Sense Snuck In At Number 79.
~ Douglas Adams, "Mostly Harmless"