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Time Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Practical People Would Be More Practical If They Would Take A Little More Time For Dreaming.
~ J. P. McEvoy
I Was Born Not Knowing And Have Only Had A Little Time To Change That Here And There.
~ Richard Feynman
Buying Books Would Be A Good Thing If One Could Also Buy The Time To Read Them In: But As A Rule The Purchase Of Books Is Mistaken For The Appropriation Of Their Contents.
~ Arthuer Schopenhaue
Have Patience Awhile Slanders Are Not Long-lived. Truth Is The Child Of Time Erelong She Shall Appear To Vindicate Thee.
~ Immanuel Kant
About The Time We Think We Can Make Ends Meet, Somebody Moves The Ends.
~ Herbert Hoove
There Comes A Time In The Affairs Of Man When He Must Take The Bull By The Tail And Face The Situation.
~ W. C. Fields
We Are At That Very Point In Time When A 400-year-old Age Is Dying And Another Is Struggling To Be Born - A Shifting Of Culture, Science, Society And Institutions Enormously Greater Than The World Has Ever Experienced. Ahead, The Possibility Of Regeneration Of Individuality, Liberty, Community And Ethics Such As The World Has Never Known, And A Harmony With Nature, With One Another And With The Divine Intelligence Such As The World Has Always Dreamed.
~ Dee W. Hock
The Great Omission In American Life Is Solitude... That Zone Of Time And Space, Free From The Outside Pressures, Which Is The Incinerator Of The Spirit.
~ Marya Mannes
The Odds Against There Being A Bomb On A Plane Are A Million To One, And Against Two Bombs A Million Times A Million To One. Next Time You Fly, Cut The Odds And Take A Bomb.
~ Benny Hill
There Is No Greater Sorrow Than To Be Mindful Of The Happy Time In Misery.
~ Dante Alighieri
By The Time Your Life Is Finished, You Will Have Learned Just Enough To Begin It Well.
~ Eleanor Marx
More Than Any Time In History Mankind Faces A Crossroads. One Path Leads To Despair And Utter Hopelessness, The Other To Total Extinction. Let Us Pray That We Have The Wisdom To Choose Correctly.
~ Woody Allen