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Christmas Is A Time When Kids Tell Santa What They Want And Adults Pay For It. Deficits Are When Adults Tell The Government What They Want-and Their Kids Pay For It.
~ Richard Lamm
He Waited For The Mask To Drop Off, But At The Same Time He Did Not Question Her Right To Wear It.
~ F. Scott Fitzgerald
I Remember A Time When Everybody I Loved Hated Me Because I Hated Them. - Letter To Stuart Sutcliffe Circa 1960.
~ John Lennon
When You Get Into A Tight Place And Everything Goes Against You, Till It Seems As Though You Could Not Hang On A Minute Longer, Never Give Up Then, For That Is Just The Place And Time That The Tide Will Turn.
~ Harriet
We Are At That Very Point In Time When A 400-year-old Age Is Dying And Another Is Struggling To Be Born - A Shifting Of Culture, Science, Society And Institutions Enormously Greater Than The World Has Ever Experienced. Ahead, The Possibility Of Regeneration Of Individuality, Liberty, Community And Ethics Such As The World Has Never Known, And A Harmony With Nature, With One Another And With The Divine Intelligence Such As The World Has Always Dreamed.
~ Dee W. Hock
Since The Dawn Of Time There Have Been Those Among Us Who Have Been Willing To Go To Extraordinary Lengths To Gain Access To That Domain Normally Reserved For Birds, Angels, And Madmen.
~ Steven B. Beach, Paraglider magazine, Vol. 1 No. 2
I Have Made This Letter Longer, Because I Have Not Had The Time To Make It Shorter.
~ Blaise Pascal, "Lettres provinciales", letter 16, 1657
One Loses All The Time Which He Might Employ To Better Purpose.
~ Jean- Jacques Rousseau
It Takes Less Time To Do Things Right Than To Explain Why You Did It Wrong.
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Indeed, What Is There That Does Not Appear Marvelous When It Comes To Our Knowledge For The First Time How Many Things, Too, Are Looked Upon As Quite Impossible Until They Have Been Actually Effected.
~ Pliny the Elde
You Will Never Find Time For Anything. If You Want Time You Must Make It.
~ Charles Buxton
The First Time You Do The Impossible, It May Take A Little Longer.
~ Sheila M. Kelly