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Wedding Quotes

from thousands of famous people

A Wedding Anniversary Is The Celebration Of Love, Trust, Partnership, Tolerance, And Tenacity. The Order Varies For Any Given Year.
~ Paul Sweeney
There Are Three Rings Involved With Marriage. The Engagement Ring, The Wedding Ring, And The Suffering.
~ Woody Allen
The Woman Cries Before The Wedding And The Man After.
~ Polish Prove
There Are Three Rings In Marriage. The Engagement Ring... The Wedding Ring... And The Suffering.
~ Trevor Rook
A Woman Seldom Asks Advice Before She Has Bought Her Wedding Clothes.
~ Joseph Addison
She Tells Enough White Lies To Ice A Wedding Cake.
~ Margot Asquith
The Music At A Wedding Procession Always Reminds Me Of The Music Of Soldiers Going Into Battle.
~ Heinrich Heine