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Women Quotes

from thousands of famous people

I Would Go Out With Women My Age, But There Are No Women My Age.
~ George Burns
There Are Three Classes Into Which All The Women Past Seventy That Ever I Knew Were To Be Divided 1. That Dear Old Soul2. That Old Woman3. That Old Witch.
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The Natural Superiority Of Women Is A Biological Fact, And A Socially Acknowledged Reality.
~ Ashely Montagu
Of Women I Do Not Wish Them To Have Power Over Men But Over Themselves.
~ Mary Wollstonecraft
If Worry Were An Effective Weight-loss Program, Women Would Be Invisible.
~ Nancy Drew
There Are Dreams Stronger Than Death. Men And Women Die Holding These Dreams.
~ Carl Sandburg
The Nature Of Men And Women - Their Essential Nature - Is So Vile And Despicable That If You Were To Portray A Person As He Really Is, No One Would Believe You.
~ W. Somerset Maugham
All Successful People Men And Women Are Big Dreamers. They Imagine What Their Future Could Be, Ideal In Every Respect, And Then They Work Every Day Toward Their Distant Vision, That Goal Or Purpose.
~ Brian Tracy
Here In America We Are Descended In Blood And In Spirit From Revolutionists And Rebels - Men And Women Who Dare To Dissent From Accepted Doctrine. As Their Heirs, May We Never Confuse Honest Dissent With Disloyal Subversion.
~ Dwight D Eisenhowe
Contrary To Popular Belief, English Women Do Not Wear Tweed Nightgowns.
~ Hermione Gingold
When Women Go Wrong, Men Go Right After Them.
~ Mae West
Because Women Live Creatively, They Rarely Experience The Need To Depict Or Write About That Which To Them Is A Primary Experience And Which Men Know Only At A Second Remove. Women Create Naturally, Men Create Artificially.
~ Ashley Montagu