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The Preservation Of Life Seems To Be Rather A Slogan Than A Genuine Goal Of The Anti-abortion Forces What They Want Is Control. Control Over Behavior Power Over Women. Women In The Anti-choice Movement Want To Share In Male Power Over Women, And Do So By Denying Their Own Womanhood, Their Own Rights And Responsibilities.
~ Ursula K. LeGuin
If American Men Are Obsessed With Money, American Women Are Obsessed With Weight. The Men Talk Of Gain, The Women Talk Of Loss, And I Do Not Know Which Talk Is The More Boring.
~ Marya Mannes
Like President Reagan, President Bush Has Not Shied From Calling Evil By Its Name Or Declaring His Intention To Defeat Its Latest Incarnation, Terrorism, Just As Free Men And Women Of All Political Persuasions, Here And Abroad, Defeated Fascism And Communism Before.
~ Donald Rumsfeld, Ronald Reagan Library and Museum, October 10, 2003
Not Only Have Women Been Successful In Entering Fields In Which Men Are Supposed To Have A More Natural Aptitude, But They Have Created Entirely New Businesses.
~ Lucretia P. Hunter, ``The Girl Today, The Woman Tomorrow', 1932
Sometimes I Wonder If Men And Women Really Suit Each Other. Perhaps They Should Live Next Door And Just Visit Now And Then.
~ Katharine Hepburn
But I Am Sure That I Have Always Thought Of Christmas Time, When It Has Come Round... As A Good Time A Kind, Forgiving, Charitable, Pleasant Time The Only Time I Know Of, In The Long Calendar Of The Year, When Men And Women Seem By One Consent To Open Their Shut-up Hearts Freely.
~ Charles Dickens
The World Is Full Of Women Blindsided By The Unceasing Demands Of Motherhood, Still Flabbergasted By How A Job Can Be Terrific And Torturous.
~ Anna Quindlen, O Magazine, May 2003
Thirty-five Is A Very Attractive Age. London Society Is Full Of Women Of The Very Highest Birth Who Have, Of Their Own Free Choice, Remained Thirty-five For Years.
~ Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest, Act 3
Being A Woman Is Of Special Interest To Aspiring Male Transexuals. To Actual Women It Is Simply A Good Excuse Not To Play Football.
~ Fran Lebowitz
Every Women Needs At Least 4 Animals. A Mink In Her Closet, A Jaguar In Her Garage, A Tiger In Her Bed, And A Jackass That Pays For Everything.
~ Paris Hilton
The Trouble With Some Women Is They Get All Excited About Nothing --- And Then They Marry Him.
~ Che
I Want To Emphasize In The Great Concentration Which We Now Place Upon Scientists And Engineers How Much We Still Need The Men And Women Educated In The Liberal Tradition, Willing To Take The Long Look, Undisturbed By Prejudices And Slogans Of The Moment, Who Attempt To Make An Honest Judgment On Difficult Events.
~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy