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Women Quotes

from thousands of famous people

I Often Wonder Whether We Do Not Rest Our Hopes Too Much Upon Constitutions, Upon Laws And Upon Courts. These Are False Hopes Believe Me, These Are False Hopes. Liberty Lies In The Hearts Of Men And Women When It Dies There, No Constitution, No Law, No Court Can Save It...
~ Learned Hand
The Strength Of Women Comes From The Fact That Psychology Cannot Explain Us. Men Can Be Analyzed, Women? Merely Adored.
~ Oscar Wilde, An Ideal Husband
If Women Understood And Exercised Their Power They Could Remake The World.
~ Emily Taft Douglas
The Natural Superiority Of Women Is A Biological Fact, And A Socially Acknowledged Reality.
~ Ashely Montagu
When Women Kiss, It Always Reminds Me Of Prizefighters Shaking Hands.
~ H. L. Mencken
Of Women I Do Not Wish Them To Have Power Over Men But Over Themselves.
~ Mary Wollstonecraft
Anyone Who Says He Can See Through Women Is Missing A Lot.
~ Groucho Marx
The Freedom Fighters Of Nicaragua... Are The Moral Equal Of Our Founding Fathers And The Brave Men And Women Of The French Resistance.
~ Ronald Reagan
Beauty Is The First Present Nature Gives To Women And The First It Takes Away.
~ Mere
What Is Most Beautiful In Virile Men Is Something Feminine What Is Most Beautiful In Feminine Women Is Something Masculine.
~ Susan Sontag
Bias Has To Be Taught. If You Hear Your Parents Downgrading Women Or People Of Different Backgrounds, Why, You Are Going To Do That.
~ Barbara Bush
Loving Is Misery For Women Always. I Shall Never Forgive God For Making Me A Woman And Dearly Am I Beginning To Pay For The Honour Of Owning A Pretty Face.
~ Thomas Hardy, Far From the Madding Crowd