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Women Quotes

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When You See What Some Women Marry, You Realize How They Must Hate To Work For A Living.
~ Helen Rowland
I Am Convinced That The World Is Not A Mere Bog In Which Men And Women Trample Themselves In The Mire And Die. Something Magnificent Is Taking Place Here Amid The Cruelties And Tragedies, And The Supreme Challenge To Intelligence Is That Of Making The Noblest And Best In Our Curious Heritage Prevail.
~ Charles A. Beard
Nothing Can Be More Absurd Than The Practice That Prevails In Our Country Of Men And Women Not Following The Same Pursuits With All Their Strengths And With One Mind, For Thus, The State Instead Of Being Whole Is Reduced To Half.
~ Plato
It Will Yet Be The Proud Boast Of Women That They Never Contributed A Line To The Bible.
~ George W. Foote
An Irishman Is The Only Man In The World Who Will Step Over The Bodies Of A Dozen Naked Women To Get To A Bottle Of Stout.
~ Unknown
Life Without Sex Might Be Safer But It Would Be Unbearably Dull. It Is The Sex Instinct Which Makes Women Seem Beautiful, Which They Are Once In A Blue Moon, And Men Seem Wise And Brave, Which They Never Are At All. Throttle It, Denaturalize It, Take It Away, And Human Existence Would Be Reduced To The Prosiac, Laborious, Boresome, Imbecile Level Of Life In An Anthill.
~ Henry Louis Mencken
Men Are Jerks. Women Are Psychotic.
~ Kilgore Trout, Timequake, Kurt Vonnegut. Page 19
Swiftly Arose And Spread Around Me The Peace And Knowledge That Pass All The Argument Of The Earth, And I Know That The Hand Of God Is The Promise Of My Own, And I Know That The Spirit Of God Is The Brother Of My Own, And That All The Men Ever Born Are Also My Brothers, And The Women My Sisters And Lovers, And That A Kelson Of The Creation Is Love.
~ Walt Whitman
American Women Expect To Find In Their Husbands A Perfection That English Women Only Hope To Find In Their Butlers.
~ W. Somerset Maugham
I Want To Emphasize In The Great Concentration Which We Now Place Upon Scientists And Engineers How Much We Still Need The Men And Women Educated In The Liberal Tradition, Willing To Take The Long Look, Undisturbed By Prejudices And Slogans Of The Moment, Who Attempt To Make An Honest Judgment On Difficult Events.
~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Because Women Live Creatively, They Rarely Experience The Need To Depict Or Write About That Which To Them Is A Primary Experience And Which Men Know Only At A Second Remove. Women Create Naturally, Men Create Artificially.
~ Ashley Montagu
Like President Reagan, President Bush Has Not Shied From Calling Evil By Its Name Or Declaring His Intention To Defeat Its Latest Incarnation, Terrorism, Just As Free Men And Women Of All Political Persuasions, Here And Abroad, Defeated Fascism And Communism Before.
~ Donald Rumsfeld, Ronald Reagan Library and Museum, October 10, 2003