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Women Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Especial Genius Of Women I Believe To Be Electrical In Movement, Intuitive In Function, Spiritual In Tendency.
~ Margaret Fulle
There Are Women Whose Infidelities Are The Only Link They Still Have With Their Husbands.
~ Sacha Guitry
It Is About A Socialist, Anti-family Political Movement That Encourages Women To Leave Their Husbands, Kill Their Children, Practice Witchcraft, Destroy Capitalism And Become Lesbians.
~ Pat Robertson, The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 1993
Most Great Men And Women Are Not Perfectly Rounded In Their Personalities, But Are Instead People Whose One Driving Enthusiasm Is So Great It Makes Their Faults Seem Insignificant.
~ Charles A. Cerami
Whatever You Do, You Need Courage. Whatever Course You Decide Upon, There Is Always Someone To Tell You That You Are Wrong. There Are Always Difficulties Arising That Tempt You To Believe Your Critics Are Right. To Map Out A Course Of Action And Follow It To An End Requires Some Of The Same Courage That A Soldier Needs. Peace Has Its Victories, But It Takes Brave Men And Women To Win Them.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
When You See What Some Women Marry, You Realize How They Must Hate To Work For A Living.
~ Helen Rowland
Most History Is A Record Of Triumphs, Disasters, And Follies Of Top People. The Black Hole In It Is The Way Of Life Of Mute, Inglorious Men And Women Who Made No Nuisance Of Themselves In The World.
~ Philip Howard
When The Candles Are Out All Women Are Fair.
~ Plutarch, Morals
The Preservation Of Life Seems To Be Rather A Slogan Than A Genuine Goal Of The Anti-abortion Forces What They Want Is Control. Control Over Behavior Power Over Women. Women In The Anti-choice Movement Want To Share In Male Power Over Women, And Do So By Denying Their Own Womanhood, Their Own Rights And Responsibilities.
~ Ursula K. LeGuin
Thirty-five Is A Very Attractive Age. London Society Is Full Of Women Of The Very Highest Birth Who Have, Of Their Own Free Choice, Remained Thirty-five For Years.
~ Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest, Act 3
The Freedom Fighters Of Nicaragua... Are The Moral Equal Of Our Founding Fathers And The Brave Men And Women Of The French Resistance.
~ Ronald Reagan
When Women Go Wrong, Men Go Right After Them.
~ Mae West