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Women Quotes

from thousands of famous people

To A Philosopher All News, As It Is Called, Is Gossip, An They Who Edit And Read It Are Old Women Over Their Tea.
~ Henry David Thoreau
Nature Is Just Enough But Men And Women Must Comprehend And Accept Her Suggestions.
~ Antoinette Brown Blackwell
There Are Three Things Men Can Do With Women Love Them, Suffer For Them, Or Turn Them Into Literature.
~ Stephen Stills
The Freedom Fighters Of Nicaragua... Are The Moral Equal Of Our Founding Fathers And The Brave Men And Women Of The French Resistance.
~ Ronald Reagan
At The Age Of Eleven Or Thereabouts Women Acquire A Poise And An Ability To Handle Difficult Situations Which A Man, If He Is Lucky, Manages To Achieve Somewhere In The Later Seventies.
~ P. G. Wodehouse, Uneasy Money
If Women Are Expected To Do The Same Work As Men, We Must Teach Them The Same Things.
~ Plato
Women With Body Image Or Eating Disorders Are Not A Special Category, Just More Extreme In Their Response To A Culture That Emphasizes Thinness And Impossible Standards Of Appearance For Women Instead Of Individuality And Health.
~ Gloria Steinem