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Women Quotes

from thousands of famous people

I Married Beneath Me - All Women Do.
~ Nancy Asto
There Are Dreams Stronger Than Death. Men And Women Die Holding These Dreams.
~ Carl Sandburg
The Main Difference Between Men And Women Is That Men Are Lunatics And Women Are Idiots.
~ Rebecca West
Nothing Can Be More Absurd Than The Practice That Prevails In Our Country Of Men And Women Not Following The Same Pursuits With All Their Strengths And With One Mind, For Thus, The State Instead Of Being Whole Is Reduced To Half.
~ Plato
I Studied The Lives Of Great Men And Famous Women, And I Found That The Men And Women Who Got To The Top Were Those Who Did The Jobs They Had In Hand, With Everything They Had Of Energy And Enthusiasm.
~ Henry Truman
When You See What Some Women Marry, You Realize How They Must Hate To Work For A Living.
~ Helen Rowland
All Successful People Men And Women Are Big Dreamers. They Imagine What Their Future Could Be, Ideal In Every Respect, And Then They Work Every Day Toward Their Distant Vision, That Goal Or Purpose.
~ Brian Tracy
Walking Women Want To See The Southern Cross At Night And So They Set Aside A Sock, And Tie Their Laces Tight Yes Mournful Is The Melody That Echoes In Their Heads Without A Beat They March Along, Believing Bach Is Dead.
~ The Residents "Duck Stab": Bach is Dead
The Only Really Happy Folk Are Married Women And Single Men.
~ Henry Louis Mencken
To Conclude That Women Are Unfitted To The Task Of Our Historic Society Seems To Me The Equivalent Of Closing Male Eyes To Female Facts.
~ Lyndon B. Johnson
Men And Women Are Limited Not By The Place Of Their Birth, Not By The Color Of Their Skin, But By The Size Of Their Hope.
~ John Johnson
The Society Of Women Is The Element Of Good Manners.
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe