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Women Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Nature Is Just Enough; But Men And Women Must Comprehend And Accept Her Suggestions.
~ Antoinette Brown Blackwell
Premenstrual Syndrome: Just Before Their Periods Women Behave The Way Men Do All The Time.
~ Robert A. Heinlein
Men Are Jerks. Women Are Psychotic.
~ Kilgore Trout, Timequake, Kurt Vonnegut. Page 19
There Are Three Things Men Can Do With Women Love Them, Suffer For Them, Or Turn Them Into Literature.
~ Stephen Stills
Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History.
~ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
A Very Large Amount Of Human Suffering And Frustration Is Caused By The Fact That Many Men And Women Are Not Content To Be The Sort Of Beings That God Has Made Them, But Try To Persuade Themselves That They Are Really Beings Of Some Different Kind.
~ Eric Mascall
The Natural Superiority Of Women Is A Biological Fact, And A Socially Acknowledged Reality.
~ Ashely Montagu
The Society Of Women Is The Element Of Good Manners.
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
The Strength Of Women Comes From The Fact That Psychology Cannot Explain Us. Men Can Be Analyzed, Women? Merely Adored.
~ Oscar Wilde, An Ideal Husband
Because The Women Are Watching.
~ T. E. Lawrence, ... when asked, Why do men go to war?
Bias Has To Be Taught. If You Hear Your Parents Downgrading Women Or People Of Different Backgrounds, Why, You Are Going To Do That.
~ Barbara Bush
I Think That Maybe If Women And Children Were In Charge We Would Get Somewhere.
~ James Thurbe