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Women Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Most History Is A Record Of Triumphs, Disasters, And Follies Of Top People. The Black Hole In It Is The Way Of Life Of Mute, Inglorious Men And Women Who Made No Nuisance Of Themselves In The World.
~ Philip Howard
Studying Literature At Harvard Is Like Learning About Women At The Mayo Clinic.
~ Roy Blount Jr
What Is Most Beautiful In Virile Men Is Something Feminine; What Is Most Beautiful In Feminine Women Is Something Masculine.
~ Susan Sontag, Against Interpretation, 1966
I Want To Make A Policy Statement. I Am Unabashedly In Favor Of Women. On Appointing 10 Women To Top Government Positions.
~ Lyndon B. Johnson
I Think That Maybe If Women And Children Were In Charge We Would Get Somewhere.
~ James Thurbe
Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History.
~ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
Because Women Live Creatively, They Rarely Experience The Need To Depict Or Write About That Which To Them Is A Primary Experience And Which Men Know Only At A Second Remove. Women Create Naturally, Men Create Artificially.
~ Ashley Montagu
Age Cannot Wither Her, Nor Custom StaleHer Infinite Variety Other Women CloyThe Appetites They Feed, But She Makes HungryWhere Most She Satisfies.
~ William Shakespeare
Character Is What God And The Angels Know Of Us; Reputation Is What Men And Women Think Of Us.
~ Horace Mann
The Especial Genius Of Women I Believe To Be Electrical In Movement, Intuitive In Function, Spiritual In Tendency.
~ Margaret Fulle
Feminism Is The Radical Concept That Women Are People.
~ Cheris Kramarae & Paula Treichle
Every Women Needs At Least 4 Animals. A Mink In Her Closet, A Jaguar In Her Garage, A Tiger In Her Bed, And A Jackass That Pays For Everything.
~ Paris Hilton