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Women Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Sigmund Freud Once Said, What Do Women Want? The Only Thing I Have Learned In Fifty-two Years Is That Women Want Men To Stop Asking Dumb Questions Like That.
~ Bill Cosby
The World Is Full Of Women Blindsided By The Unceasing Demands Of Motherhood, Still Flabbergasted By How A Job Can Be Terrific And Torturous.
~ Anna Quindlen, O Magazine, May 2003
Change Comes Not From Men And Women Changing Their Minds, But From The Change From One Generation To The Next.
~ John Kenneth Galbraith
I Never Realized Until Lately That Women Were Supposed To Be Inferior.
~ Katherine Hepburn
It Is About A Socialist, Anti-family Political Movement That Encourages Women To Leave Their Husbands, Kill Their Children, Practice Witchcraft, Destroy Capitalism And Become Lesbians.
~ Pat Robertson, The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 1993
American Women Expect To Find In Their Husbands A Perfection That English Women Only Hope To Find In Their Butlers.
~ W. Somerset Maugham
There Is No Reciprocity. Men Love Women, Women Love Children, Children Love Hamsters.
~ Alice Thomas Ellis
There Are Three Things Men Can Do With Women Love Them, Suffer For Them, Or Turn Them Into Literature.
~ Stephen Stills
Men Are Jerks. Women Are Psychotic.
~ Kilgore Trout, Timequake, Kurt Vonnegut. Page 19
If Worry Were An Effective Weight-loss Program, Women Would Be Invisible.
~ Nancy Drew
I Never Realized Until Lately That Women Were Supposed To Be The Inferior Sex.
~ Katharine Hepburn
A Very Large Amount Of Human Suffering And Frustration Is Caused By The Fact That Many Men And Women Are Not Content To Be The Sort Of Beings That God Has Made Them, But Try To Persuade Themselves That They Are Really Beings Of Some Different Kind.
~ Eric Mascall