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Women Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Most Great Men And Women Are Not Perfectly Rounded In Their Personalities, But Are Instead People Whose One Driving Enthusiasm Is So Great It Makes Their Faults Seem Insignificant.
~ Charles A. Cerami
Here In America We Are Descended In Blood And In Spirit From Revolutionists And Rebels - Men And Women Who Dare To Dissent From Accepted Doctrine. As Their Heirs, May We Never Confuse Honest Dissent With Disloyal Subversion.
~ Dwight D Eisenhowe
When Women Are Depressed They Either Eat Or Go Shopping. Men Invade Another Country.
~ Elayne Boosle
The Trouble With Some Women Is They Get All Excited About Nothing --- And Then They Marry Him.
~ Che
Contrary To Popular Belief, English Women Do Not Wear Tweed Nightgowns.
~ Hermione Gingold
The Marvel Of All History Is The Patience With Which Men And Women Submit To Burdens Unnecessarily Laid Upon Them By Their Governments.
~ William H. Borah
Set Your Expectations High Find Men And Women Whose Integrity And Values You Respect Get Their Agreement On A Course Of Action And Give Them Your Ultimate Trust.
~ John Fellows Akers
There Are Very Few Women In Society Whose Virtue Outlasts Their Beauty.
~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld, Reflexions ou Sentences et Maximes Morales
Crash Programs Fail Because They Are Based On The Theory That, With Nine Women Pregnant, You Can Get A Baby A Month.
~ Wernher Von Braun
The Fickleness Of The Women I Love Is Only Equalled By The Infernal Constancy Of The Women Who Love Me.
~ George Bernard Shaw
If Women Are Expected To Do The Same Work As Men, We Must Teach Them The Same Things.
~ Plato
Men Want The Same Thing From Women And Their Underwear: Support, Comfort, And Freedom.
~ Jerry Seinfeld, Seinfeld