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Women Quotes

from thousands of famous people

All Successful People Men And Women Are Big Dreamers. They Imagine What Their Future Could Be, Ideal In Every Respect, And Then They Work Every Day Toward Their Distant Vision, That Goal Or Purpose.
~ Brian Tracy
There Is No Reciprocity. Men Love Women, Women Love Children, Children Love Hamsters.
~ Alice Thomas Ellis
When Women Go Wrong, Men Go Right After Them.
~ Mae West
Many Books Today Suggest That The Mass Of Women Lead Lives Of Noisy Desperation.
~ Peter S. Prescott
If Women Understood And Exercised Their Power They Could Remake The World.
~ Emily Taft Douglas
The Strength Of Women Comes From The Fact That Psychology Cannot Explain Us. Men Can Be Analyzed, Women? Merely Adored.
~ Oscar Wilde, An Ideal Husband
Beauty Is The First Present Nature Gives To Women And The First It Takes Away.
~ Mere
The World Is Full Of Women Blindsided By The Unceasing Demands Of Motherhood, Still Flabbergasted By How A Job Can Be Terrific And Torturous.
~ Anna Quindlen, O Magazine, May 2003
Bias Has To Be Taught. If You Hear Your Parents Downgrading Women Or People Of Different Backgrounds, Why, You Are Going To Do That.
~ Barbara Bush
Sometimes I Wonder If Men And Women Really Suit Each Other. Perhaps They Should Live Next Door And Just Visit Now And Then.
~ Katharine Hepburn
If Worry Were An Effective Weight-loss Program, Women Would Be Invisible.
~ Nancy Drew
I Married Beneath Me - All Women Do.
~ Nancy Asto