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Women Quotes

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The Failure Of Women To Produce Genius Of The First Rank In Most Of The Supreme Forms Of Human Effort Has Been Used To Block The Way Of All Women Of Talent And Ambition For Intellectual Achievement In A Manner That Would Be Amusingly Absurd Were It Not So Monstrously Unjust And Socially Harmful.
~ Anna Garlin Spence
I Find Women With Well Developed Flesh Very Attractive. The Scrawny Little Things Doing Commercials On My Television Set Are Slightly Repulsive -- Like Famine Victims.
~ Dana Hatch
Life Without Sex Might Be Safer But It Would Be Unbearably Dull. It Is The Sex Instinct Which Makes Women Seem Beautiful, Which They Are Once In A Blue Moon, And Men Seem Wise And Brave, Which They Never Are At All. Throttle It, Denaturalize It, Take It Away, And Human Existence Would Be Reduced To The Prosiac, Laborious, Boresome, Imbecile Level Of Life In An Anthill.
~ Henry Louis Mencken
When A Woman Marries Again, It Is Because She Detested Her First Husband. When A Man Marries Again, It Is Because He Adored His First Wife. Women Try Their Luck Men Risk Theirs.
~ Oscar Wilde
Men Want The Same Thing From Women That They Want From Their Underwear... A Little Support, Comfort, And Freedom.
~ Jerry Seinfeld
Many Books Today Suggest That The Mass Of Women Lead Lives Of Noisy Desperation.
~ Peter S. Prescott
Whatever Women Do They Must Do Twice As Well As Men To Be Thought Half As Good. Luckily This Is Not Difficult.
~ Charlotte Whitton
I Would Go Out With Women My Age, But There Are No Women My Age.
~ George Burns
I Married Beneath Me. All Women Do.
~ Lady Nancy Asto
The Fickleness Of The Women Whom I Love Is Only Equalled By The Infernal Constancy Of The Women Who Love Me.
~ George Bernard Shaw
There Are Three Classes Into Which All The Women Past Seventy That Ever I Knew Were To Be Divided 1. That Dear Old Soul2. That Old Woman3. That Old Witch.
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge
But I Am Sure That I Have Always Thought Of Christmas Time, When It Has Come Round... As A Good Time A Kind, Forgiving, Charitable, Pleasant Time The Only Time I Know Of, In The Long Calendar Of The Year, When Men And Women Seem By One Consent To Open Their Shut-up Hearts Freely.
~ Charles Dickens