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Women Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Well-behaved Women Rarely Make History.
~ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
Premenstrual Syndrome: Just Before Their Periods Women Behave The Way Men Do All The Time.
~ Robert A. Heinlein
Nature Is Just Enough; But Men And Women Must Comprehend And Accept Her Suggestions.
~ Antoinette Brown Blackwell
Plain Women Know More About Men Than Beautiful Ones Do.
~ Katharine Hepburn
Men And Women, Women And Men. It Will Never Work.
~ Erica Jong
I Want To Emphasize In The Great Concentration Which We Now Place Upon Scientists And Engineers How Much We Still Need The Men And Women Educated In The Liberal Tradition, Willing To Take The Long Look, Undisturbed By Prejudices And Slogans Of The Moment, Who Attempt To Make An Honest Judgment On Difficult Events.
~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Sometimes I Wonder If Men And Women Really Suit Each Other. Perhaps They Should Live Next Door And Just Visit Now And Then.
~ Katharine Hepburn
An Irishman Is The Only Man In The World Who Will Step Over The Bodies Of A Dozen Naked Women To Get To A Bottle Of Stout.
~ Unknown
Brigands Demand Your Money Or Your Life; Women Require Both.
~ Nicholas Murray Butle
Misogynist A Man Who Hates Women As Much As Women Hate One Another.
~ H. L. Mencken
I See America, Not In The Setting Sun Of A Black Night Of Despair Ahead Of Us, I See America In The Crimson Light Of A Rising Sun Fresh From The Burning, Creative Hand Of God. I See Great Days Ahead, Great Days Possible To Men And Women Of Will And Vision.
~ Carl Sandburg
Fabrizio In Sicily, Women Are More Dangerous Than Shotguns.
~ Godfather, The