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Friends Are Generally Of The Same Sex, For When Men And Women Agree, It Is Only In The Conclusions Their Reasons Are Always Different.
~ George Santayana
I Studied The Lives Of Great Men And Famous Women, And I Found That The Men And Women Who Got To The Top Were Those Who Did The Jobs They Had In Hand, With Everything They Had Of Energy And Enthusiasm.
~ Henry Truman
Life Without Sex Might Be Safer But It Would Be Unbearably Dull. It Is The Sex Instinct Which Makes Women Seem Beautiful, Which They Are Once In A Blue Moon, And Men Seem Wise And Brave, Which They Never Are At All. Throttle It, Denaturalize It, Take It Away, And Human Existence Would Be Reduced To The Prosiac, Laborious, Boresome, Imbecile Level Of Life In An Anthill.
~ Henry Louis Mencken
The Preservation Of Life Seems To Be Rather A Slogan Than A Genuine Goal Of The Anti-abortion Forces What They Want Is Control. Control Over Behavior Power Over Women. Women In The Anti-choice Movement Want To Share In Male Power Over Women, And Do So By Denying Their Own Womanhood, Their Own Rights And Responsibilities.
~ Ursula K. LeGuin
The Reason That There Are So Few Women Comics Is That So Few Women Can Bear Being Laughed At.
~ Anna Russell
Whatever Women Do They Must Do Twice As Well As Men To Be Thought Half As Good. Luckily This Is Not Difficult.
~ Charlotte Whitton
The Trouble With Some Women Is They Get All Excited About Nothing --- And Then They Marry Him.
~ Che
I Hate Women Because They Always Know Where Things Are.
~ James Thurbe
The Nature Of Men And Women - Their Essential Nature - Is So Vile And Despicable That If You Were To Portray A Person As He Really Is, No One Would Believe You.
~ W. Somerset Maugham
Fabrizio In Sicily, Women Are More Dangerous Than Shotguns.
~ Godfather, The
If American Men Are Obsessed With Money, American Women Are Obsessed With Weight. The Men Talk Of Gain, The Women Talk Of Loss, And I Do Not Know Which Talk Is The More Boring.
~ Marya Mannes
When The Candles Are Out All Women Are Fair.
~ Plutarch, Morals