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The two most beautiful words in the English language are ``check enclosed.'
~ Dorothy Parke
The Words That A Father Speaks To His Children In The Privacy Of Home Are Not Heard By The World, But, As In Whispering Galleries, They Are Clearly Heard At The End, And By Posterity.
~ Ricthe
It Is In Our Lives And Not Our Words That Our Religion Must Be Read.
~ Thomas Jefferson
When Words Fail, Music Speaks.
~ Hans Christian Anderson
What Do I Believe As An American I Believe In Generosity, In Liberty, In The Rights Of Man. These Are Social And Political Faiths That Are Part Of Me, As They Are, I Suppose, Part Of All Of Us. Such Beliefs Are Easy To Express. But Part Of Me Too Is My Relation To All Life, My Religion. And This Is Not So Easy To Talk About. Religious Experience Is Highly Intimate And, For Me, Ready Words Are Not At Hand.
~ Adlai Ewing Stevenson
Speak What You Think To-day In Words As Hard As Cannon-balls And To-morrow Speak What To-morrow Thinks In Hard Words Again, Though It Contradict Every Thing You Said To-day.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Find Out Just What People Will Submit To, And You Have Found Out The Exact Amount Of Injustice And Wrong Which Will Be Imposed Upon Them; And These Will Continue Until They Are Resisted With Either Words Or Blows, Or Both. The Limits Of Tyrants Are Prescribed By The Endurance Of Those Whom They Oppress.
~ Frederick Douglass
Great Nations Write Their Autobiographies In Three Manuscripts--the Book Of Their Deeds, The Book Of Their Words And The Book Of Their Art.
~ John Ruskin
I Believe That Whoever Tries To Think Things Through Honestly Will Soon Recognize How Unworthy And Even Fatal Is The Traditional Bias Against Negroes. What Can The Man Of Good Will Do To Combat This Deeply Rooted Prejudice? He Must Have The Courage To Set An Example By Words And Deed, And Must Watch Lest His Children Become Influenced By Racial Bias.
~ Albert Einstein
Without Trust, Words Become The Hollow Sound Of A Wooden Gong. With Trust, Words Become Life Itself.
~ John Harold
If I Could Take All Your Words Away And Give You But A Sparse Few, They Would Be: ? I Now Know, I Am Absolute, I Am Complete, I Am God, I Am.? If There Were No Other Words But These, You Would No Longer Be Limited To This Plane.
~ Ramtha
Always And Never Are Two Words You Should Always Remember Never To Use.
~ Wendell Johnson