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Words Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Think Not Those Faithful Who Praise All Thy Words And Actions But Those Who Kindly Reprove Thy Faults.
~ Socrates
Virtue And Genuine Graces In Themselves Speak What No Words Can Utter.
~ William Shakespeare
Broadly Speaking, The Short Words Are The Best, And The Old Words Best Of All.
~ Sir Winston Churchill
To The Nahuas, Words Were Flowers, Metaphors That Gave Birth To Thoughts And Actions.
~ Jose Antonio Burciaga
I Wish Our Clever Young Poets Would Remember My Homely Definitions Of Prose And Poetry That Is Prose Words In Their Best Order-poetry The Best Words In The Best Order.
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge
All The Big Corporations Depreciate Their Possessions, And You Can, Too, Provided You Use Them For Business Purposes. For Example, If You Subscribe To The Wall Street Journal, A Business-related Newspaper, You Can Deduct The Cost Of Your House, Because, In The Words Of U. S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger In A Landmark 1979 Tax Decision: Where Else Are You Going To Read The Paper? Outside? What If It Rains?
~ Dave Barry, "Sweating Out Taxes"
If I Could Take All Your Words Away And Give You But A Sparse Few, They Would Be: ? I Now Know, I Am Absolute, I Am Complete, I Am God, I Am.? If There Were No Other Words But These, You Would No Longer Be Limited To This Plane.
~ Ramtha
A Man Thinks That By Mouthing Hard Words He Understands Hard Things.
~ Herman Melville
What Do I Believe As An American I Believe In Generosity, In Liberty, In The Rights Of Man. These Are Social And Political Faiths That Are Part Of Me, As They Are, I Suppose, Part Of All Of Us. Such Beliefs Are Easy To Express. But Part Of Me Too Is My Relation To All Life, My Religion. And This Is Not So Easy To Talk About. Religious Experience Is Highly Intimate And, For Me, Ready Words Are Not At Hand.
~ Adlai Ewing Stevenson
The Finest Words In The World Are Only Vain Sounds If You Cannot Understand Them.
~ Anatole France
Deeds, Not Words Shall Speak Me.
~ John Fletche
Before Speaking, Consider The Interpretation Of Your Words As Well As Their Intent.
~ Andrew Alden