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Words Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Do Not Be Wise In Words - Be Wise In Deeds.
~ Jewish Prove
It Is With Words As With Sunbeams. The More They Are Condenced, The Deeper They Burn.
~ Robert Southey
There Are New Words Now That Excuse Everybody. Give Me The Good Old Days Of Heroes And Villains. The People You Can Bravo Or Hiss. There Was A Truth To Them That All The Slick Credulity Of Today Cannot Touch.
~ Bette Davis, The Lonely Life, 1962
When Words Leave Off, Music Begins.
~ Thomas Carlyle
The Game Of Life Is The Game Of Boomerangs. Our Thoughts, Deeds And Words Return To Us Sooner Or Later, With Astounding Accuracy.
~ Florence Shinn
Footfalls Echo In The Memory Down The Passage Which We Did Not Take Towards The Door We Never Opened Into The Rose-garden. My Words Echo Thus, In Your Mind.
~ T. S. Eliot
It Does Not Matter What Men Say In Words, So Long As Their Activities Are Controlled By Settled Instincts. The Words May Ultimately Destroy The Instincts. But Until This Has Occurred, Words Do Not Count. - From Science And The Modern World.
~ Alfred North Whitehead
One Of The Most Appalling Comments On Our Present Way Of Life Is That Half Of All The Beds In Our Hospitals Are Reserved For Patients With Nervous And Mental Troubles, Patients Who Have Collapsed Under The Crushing Burden Of Accumulated Yesterdays And Fearful Tomorrows. Yet A Vast Majority Of Those People Would Be Walking The Streets Today, Leading Happy, Useful Lives, If They Had Only Heeded The Words Of Jesus: Have No Anxiety About The Morrow; Or The Words Of Sir William Osler; Live In Day-tight Compartments.
~ Dale Carnegie
I Could Have Spoken From Rhode Island Where I Have Been Staying... But I Felt That, In Speaking From The House Of Lincoln, Of Jackson, And Of Wilson, My Words Would Better Convey Both The Sadness I Feel In The Action I Was Compelled Today To Make And The Firmness With Which I Intend To Pursue This Course Until The Orders Of The Federal Court At Little Rock Can Be Executed Without Unlawful Interference. On Sending Troops To Enforce Integration In Little Rock AR High School.
~ Dwight D Eisenhowe
We Will Have To Repent In This Generation Not Merely For The Hateful Words And Actions Of The Bad People But For The Appalling Silence Of The Good People.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr
Rem Tene, Verba Sequntur Keep To The Subject, And The Words Will Follow
~ Cato the Censor (? )
A Soft Answer Turneth Away Wrath: But Grievous Words Stir Up Anger.
~ Bible, Proverbs 15: 1 (KJV)