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from thousands of famous people

Do Not Accustom Yourself To Use Big Words For Little Matters.
~ Samuel Johnson
We Will Have To Repent In This Generation Not Merely For The Hateful Words And Actions Of The Bad People But For The Appalling Silence Of The Good People.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr
I Asked Ring Lardner The Other Day How He Writes His Short Stories, And He Said He Wrote A Few Widely Separated Words Or Phrases On A Piece Of Paper And Then Went Back And Filled In The Spaces.
~ Harold Ross
You Cannot Slander Human Nature It Is Worse Than Words Can Paint It.
~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
No One Means All He Says, And Yet Very Few Say All They Mean, For Words Are Slippery And Thought Is Viscous.
~ Henry Adams
A Man Thinks That By Mouthing Hard Words He Understands Hard Things.
~ Herman Melville
My Words Fly Up, My Thoughts Remain Below: Words Without Thoughts Never To Heaven Go.
~ William Shakespeare, "Hamlet", Act 3 scene 3
In The End, We Will Remember Not The Words Of Our Enemies, But The Silence Of Our Friends.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr
Kind Words Are Short And Easy To Speak, But Their Echoes Are Truly Endless.
~ Mother Teresa
For Me, Words Are A Form Of Action, Capable Of Influencing Change.
~ Ingrid Bengis
Deeds, Not Words Shall Speak Me.
~ John Fletche
The Politician Is... Trained In The Art Of Inexactitude. His Words Tend To Be Blunt Or Rounded, Because If They Have A Cutting Edge They May Later Return To Wound Him.
~ Edward R. Murrow