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A Torn Jacket Is Soon Mended; But Hard Words Bruise The Heart Of A Child.
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The two most beautiful words in the English language are ``check enclosed.'
~ Dorothy Parke
Do Not Accustom Yourself To Use Big Words For Little Matters.
~ Samuel Johnson
Before Speaking, Consider The Interpretation Of Your Words As Well As Their Intent.
~ Andrew Alden
Quotation, N The Act Of Repeating Erroneously The Words Of Another.
~ Ambrose Bierce
Say All You Have To Say In The Fewest Possible Words, Or Your Reader Will Be Sure To Skip Them And In The Plainest Possible Words Or He Will Certainly Misunderstand Them.
~ John Ruskin
Do Not Assume That She Who Seeks To Comfort You Now, Lives Untroubled Among The Simple And Quiet Words That Sometimes Do You Good. Her Life May Also Have Much Sadness And Difficulty, That Remains Far Beyond Yours. Were It Otherwise, She Would Never Have Been Able To Find These Words.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke
Quotation... A Writer Expresses Himself In Words That Have Been Used Before Because They Give His Meaning Better Than He Can Give It Himself, Or Because They Are Beautiful Or Witty, Or Because He Expects Them To Touch A Cord Of Association In His Reader, Or Because He Wishes To Show That He Is Learned And Well Read. Quotations Due To The Last Motive Are Invariably Ill-advised The Discerning Reader Detects It And Is Contemptuous The Undiscerning Is Perhaps Impressed, But Even Then Is At The Same Time Repelled, Pretentious Quotations Being The Surest Road To Tedium.
~ Henry W. Fowle
Think Not Those Faithful Who Praise All Thy Words And Actions; But Those Who Kindly Reprove Thy Faults.
~ Socrates
Grasp The Subject, The Words Will Follow.
~ Cato the Elde
For Me, Words Are A Form Of Action, Capable Of Influencing Change.
~ Ingrid Bengis
Sick I Am Of Idle Words, Past All Reconciling, Words That Weary And Perplex And Pander And Conceal, Wake The Sounds That Cannot Lie, For All Their Sweet Beguiling; The Language One Need Fathom Not, But Only Hear And Feel.
~ George Du Maurie