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You May Regret Your Silence Once, But You Will Regret Your Words Often.
~ Ian Gabirol
I Believe That Whoever Tries To Think Things Through Honestly Will Soon Recognize How Unworthy And Even Fatal Is The Traditional Bias Against Negroes. What Can The Man Of Good Will Do To Combat This Deeply Rooted Prejudice He Must Have The Courage To Set An Example By Words And Deed, And Must Watch Lest His Children Become Influenced By Racial Bias.
~ Albert Einstein
He Who Speaks Without Modesty Will Find It Difficult To Make His Words Good.
~ Confucius, The Confucian Analects
A Torn Jacket Is Soon Mended; But Hard Words Bruise The Heart Of A Child.
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The More Words You Know, The More Clearly And Powerfully You Will Think And The More Ideas You Will Invite Into Your Mind.
~ Wilfred Funk
How Often Misused Words Generate Misleading Thoughts.
~ Herbert Spence
Say All You Have To Say In The Fewest Possible Words, Or Your Reader Will Be Sure To Skip Them And In The Plainest Possible Words Or He Will Certainly Misunderstand Them.
~ John Ruskin
For I Am A Bear Of Very Little Brain, And Big Words Bother Me.
~ Winnie the Pooh
A Picture Can Say 1000 Words But It Can Also Inspire You To Write 1000 More.
~ Jason Mraz
In Song The Words Tend To Lose Their Significance, Do Often Lose It, While At The Other Extreme, In Current Prose It Is The Musical Value That Tends To Disappear - So That Verse Stands Symmetrically, As It Were, Between Song, On The One Hand, And Prose On The Other - And Is Thus Admirably And Delicately Balanced Between The Sensual And The Intellectual Power Of Language.
~ Paul Valery
Use Soft Words And Hard Arguments.
~ English Prove
False Words Are Not Only Evil In Themselves, But They Infect The Soul With Evil.
~ Plato, Dialogues, Phaedo