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However Many Holy Words You Read, However Many You Speak, What Good Will They Do You, If You Do Not Act Upon Them?
~ Buddha (563 - 483 B. C. )
In The End, We Will Remember Not The Words Of Our Enemies, But The Silence Of Our Friends.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr
Expect Trouble As An Inevitable Part Of Life And Repeat To Yourself, The Most Comforting Words Of All; This, Too, Shall Pass.
~ Ann Landers
I Asked Ring Lardner The Other Day How He Writes His Short Stories, And He Said He Wrote A Few Widely Separated Words Or Phrases On A Piece Of Paper And Then Went Back And Filled In The Spaces.
~ Harold Ross
The Poor And The Affluent Are Not Communicating Because They Do Not Have The Same Words. When We Talk Of The Millions Who Are Culturally Deprived, We Refer Not To Those Who Do Not Have Access To Good Libraries And Bookstores, Or To Museums And Centers For The Performing Arts, But Those Deprived Of The Words With Which Everything Else Is Built, The Words That Opens Doors. Children Without Words Are Licked Before They Start. The Legion Of The Young Wordless In Urban And Rural Slums, Eight To Ten Years Old, Do Not Know The Meaning Of Hundreds Of Words Which Most Middle-class People Assume To Be Familiar To Much Younger Children. Most Of Them Have Never Seen Their Parents Read A Book Or A Magazine, Or Heard Words Used In Other Than Rudimentary Ways Related To Physical Needs And Functions. Thus Is Cultural Fallout Caused, The Vicious Circle Of Ignorance And Poverty Reinforced And Perpetuated. Children Deprived Of Words Become School Dropouts; Dropouts Deprived Of Hope Behave Delinquently. Amateur Censors Blame Delinquency On Reading Immoral Books And Magazines, When In Fact, The Inability To Read Anything Is The Basic Trouble.
~ Peter S. Jennison
Virtue And Genuine Graces In Themselves Speak What No Words Can Utter.
~ William Shakespeare
Do Not Assume That She Who Seeks To Comfort You Now, Lives Untroubled Among The Simple And Quiet Words That Sometimes Do You Good. Her Life May Also Have Much Sadness And Difficulty, That Remains Far Beyond Yours. Were It Otherwise, She Would Never Have Been Able To Find These Words.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke
But Words Came Halting Forth, Wanting Inventions StayInvention, Natures Child, Fled Step-dame Studys Blows... Biting My Truant Pen, Beating Myself For Spite, Fool, Said My Muse To Me Look In Thy Heart And Write.
~ Sir Philip Sidney
There Are Words Which Sever Hearts More Than Sharp Swords; There Are Words The Point Of Which Sting The Heart Through The Course Of A Whole Life.
~ Frederika Breme
I Wish Our Clever Young Poets Would Remember My Homely Definitions Of Prose And Poetry That Is Prose Words In Their Best Order-poetry The Best Words In The Best Order.
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Little Deeds Of Kindness, Little Words Of Love, Help To Make Earth Happy Like The Heaven Above.
~ Julia A. Fletcher Carney
All Words Are Pegs To Hang Ideas On.
~ Henry Ward Beeche