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They Were Going To Die. They Knew It, And Their Last Words Were I Love You. Even In Great Pain, Their Last Words Were Of Love... People Who Could Have Saved Themselves And They Ran Back In To Save Others Instead. If Humanity Is Capable Of That, How Can I Lose Hope In Humanity?
~ Elie Wiesel, Chicago Sun- Times, November 5, 2001
In Words Are Seen The State Of Mind And Character And Disposition Of The Speaker.
~ Plutarch
I Believe The Choice To Be Excellent Begins With Aligning Your Thoughts And Words With The Intention To Require More From Yourself.
~ Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine, December 2003
Do Not Say A Little In Many Words But A Great Deal In A Few.
~ Pythagoras
Our American Past Always Speaks To Us With Two Voices The Voice Of The Past, And The Voice Of The Present. We Are Always Asking Two Quite Different Questions. Historians Reading The Words Of John Winthrop Usually Ask, What Did They Mean To Him Citizens Ask, What Do They Mean To Us Historians Are Trained To Seek The Original Meaning All Of Us Want To Know The Present Meaning.
~ Daniel J. Boorstin
A Kiss Is A Lovely Trick Designed By Nature To Stop Speech When Words Become Superfluous.
~ Ingrid Bergman
There Is No Happiness Where There Is No Wisdom No Wisdom But In Submission To The Gods. Big Words Are Always Punished, And Proud Men In Old Age Learn To Be Wise.
~ Sophocles
MacDonald Has The Gift Of Compressing The Largest Amount Of Words Into The Smallest Amount Of Thoughts.
~ Sir Winston Churchill
It Is Easy To Say How We Love New Friends, And What We Think Of Them, But Words Can Never Trace Out All The Fibers That Knit Us To The Old.
~ George Eliot
Say All You Have To Say In The Fewest Possible Words, Or Your Reader Will Be Sure To Skip Them; And In The Plainest Possible Words Or He Will Certainly Misunderstand Them.
~ John Ruskin
Quotation... A Writer Expresses Himself In Words That Have Been Used Before Because They Give His Meaning Better Than He Can Give It Himself, Or Because They Are Beautiful Or Witty, Or Because He Expects Them To Touch A Cord Of Association In His Reader, Or Because He Wishes To Show That He Is Learned And Well Read. Quotations Due To The Last Motive Are Invariably Ill-advised The Discerning Reader Detects It And Is Contemptuous The Undiscerning Is Perhaps Impressed, But Even Then Is At The Same Time Repelled, Pretentious Quotations Being The Surest Road To Tedium.
~ Henry W. Fowle
Lying Is Done With Words And Also With Silence.
~ Adrienne Rich