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All Free Men, Wherever They May Live, Are Citizens Of Berlin. And Therefore, As A Free Man, I Take Pride In The Words Ich Bin Ein Berline.
~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy
The Outcome Of The War Is In Our Hands; The Outcome Of Words Is In The Council.
~ Homer, The Iliad
In Song The Words Tend To Lose Their Significance, Do Often Lose It, While At The Other Extreme, In Current Prose It Is The Musical Value That Tends To Disappear - So That Verse Stands Symmetrically, As It Were, Between Song, On The One Hand, And Prose On The Other - And Is Thus Admirably And Delicately Balanced Between The Sensual And The Intellectual Power Of Language.
~ Paul Valery
Watch Your Thoughts They Become Words. Watch Your Words They Become Actions. Watch Your Actions They Become Habits. Watch Your Habits They Become Character. Watch Your Character It Becomes Your Destiny.
~ Patrick Overton
There Is One Thing That Matters -- To Set A Chime Of Words Tinkling In The Minds Of A Few Fastidious People.
~ Logan Pearsall Smith
An Intellectual Is A Man Who Takes More Words Than Necessary To Tell More Than He Knows.
~ Dwight D. Eisenhowe
If Thy Words Be Too Luxuriant, Confine Them, Lest They Confine Thee. He That Thinks He Can Never Speak Enough, May Easily Speak Too Much. A Full Tongue And An Empty Brain Are Seldom Parted.
~ Francis Quarles
Speak What You Think To-day In Words As Hard As Cannon-balls And To-morrow Speak What To-morrow Thinks In Hard Words Again, Though It Contradict Every Thing You Said To-day.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Broadly Speaking, The Short Words Are The Best, And The Old Words Best Of All.
~ Sir Winston Churchill
Before Speaking, Consider The Interpretation Of Your Words As Well As Their Intent.
~ Andrew Alden
To The Nahuas, Words Were Flowers, Metaphors That Gave Birth To Thoughts And Actions.
~ Jose Antonio Burciaga
If A Man Withdraws His Mind From The Love Of Beauty, And Applies It As Sincerely To The Love Of The Virtuous If, In Serving His Parents, He Can Exert His Utmost Strength If, In Serving His Prince, He Can Devote His Life If In His Intercourse With His Friends, His Words Are Sincere - Although Men Say That He Has Not Learned, I Will Certainly Say That He Has.
~ Confucius