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It Was A Love Of The Air And Sky And Flying, The Lure Of Adventure, The Appreciation Of Beauty. It Lay Beyond The Descriptive Words Of Men-where Immortality Is Touched Through Danger, Where Life Meets Death On Equal Plane Where Man Is More Than Man, And Existence Both Supreme And Valueless At The Same Time.
~ Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr
Among My Most Prized Possessions Are The Words That I Have Never Spoken.
~ Orson Scott Card
The Poor And The Affluent Are Not Communicating Because They Do Not Have The Same Words. When We Talk Of The Millions Who Are Culturally Deprived, We Refer Not To Those Who Do Not Have Access To Good Libraries And Bookstores, Or To Museums And Centers For The Performing Arts, But Those Deprived Of The Words With Which Everything Else Is Built, The Words That Opens Doors. Children Without Words Are Licked Before They Start. The Legion Of The Young Wordless In Urban And Rural Slums, Eight To Ten Years Old, Do Not Know The Meaning Of Hundreds Of Words Which Most Middle-class People Assume To Be Familiar To Much Younger Children. Most Of Them Have Never Seen Their Parents Read A Book Or A Magazine, Or Heard Words Used In Other Than Rudimentary Ways Related To Physical Needs And Functions. Thus Is Cultural Fallout Caused, The Vicious Circle Of Ignorance And Poverty Reinforced And Perpetuated. Children Deprived Of Words Become School Dropouts; Dropouts Deprived Of Hope Behave Delinquently. Amateur Censors Blame Delinquency On Reading Immoral Books And Magazines, When In Fact, The Inability To Read Anything Is The Basic Trouble.
~ Peter S. Jennison
The Intellectual Is Constantly Betrayed By His Vanity. Godlike He Blandly Assumes That He Can Express Everything In Words Whereas The Things One Loves, Lives, And Dies For Are Not, In The Last Analysis Completely Expressible In Words.
~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Do Not Assume That She Who Seeks To Comfort You Now, Lives Untroubled Among The Simple And Quiet Words That Sometimes Do You Good. Her Life May Also Have Much Sadness And Difficulty, That Remains Far Beyond Yours. Were It Otherwise, She Would Never Have Been Able To Find These Words.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke
Sticks And Stones Will Break Our Bones, But Words Will Break Our Hearts...
~ Robert Fulghum
For Of All Sad Words Of Tongue Or Pen, The Saddest Are These, It Might Have Been!
~ John Greenleaf Whittie
A Multitude Of Words Is No Proof Of A Prudent Mind.
~ Thales
Without Trust, Words Become The Hollow Sound Of A Wooden Gong. With Trust, Words Become Life Itself.
~ John Harold
Kindness In Words Creates Confidence. Kindness In Thinking Creates Profoundness. Kindness In Giving Creates Love.
~ Lao- Tzu
Kind Words Are Short And Easy To Speak, But Their Echoes Are Truly Endless.
~ Mother Teresa
The Body Says What Words Cannot.
~ Martha Graham