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Speak Properly, And In As Few Words As You Can, But Always Plainly For The End Of Speech Is Not Ostentation, But To Be Understood.
~ William Penn
The Words You Speak Today Should Be Soft And Tender... For Tomorrow You May Have To Eat Them.
~ Unknown
Sick I Am Of Idle Words, Past All Reconciling, Words That Weary And Perplex And Pander And Conceal, Wake The Sounds That Cannot Lie, For All Their Sweet Beguiling The Language One Need Fathom Not, But Only Hear And Feel.
~ George Du Maurie
It Seems To Me That Those Songs That Have Been Any Good, I Have Nothing Much To Do With The Writing Of Them. The Words Have Just Crawled Down My Sleeve And Come Out On The Page.
~ Joan Baez
Sticks And Stones Are Hard On Bones, Aimed With Angry Art, Words Can Sting Like Anything But Silence Breaks The Heart.
~ Phyllis Mcginley
Say All You Have To Say In The Fewest Possible Words, Or Your Reader Will Be Sure To Skip Them And In The Plainest Possible Words Or He Will Certainly Misunderstand Them.
~ John Ruskin
As This Long And Difficult War Ends, I Would Like To Address A Few Special Words To... The American People Your Steadfastness In Supporting Our Insistence On Peace With Honor Has Made Peace With Honor Possible. On The Vietnam Wa.
~ Richard Milhous Nixon
When Words Fail, Music Speaks.
~ Hans Christian Anderson
What Power Has Love But Forgiveness In Other Words By Its Intervention What Has Been Done Can Be Undone. What Good Is It Otherwise.
~ William Carlos Williams
You May Regret Your Silence Once, But You Will Regret Your Words Often.
~ Ian Gabirol
Without Words To Objectify And Categorize Our Sensations And Place Them In Relation To One Another, We Cannot Evolve A Tradition Of What Is Real In The World.
~ Ruth Hubbard
In Words As Fashions The Same Rule Will Hold, Alike Fantastic If Too New Or OldBe Not The First By Whome The New Are Tried, Nor Yet The Last To Lay The Old Aside.
~ Alexander Pope