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Work Quotes

from thousands of famous people

If You Can Laugh Together, You Can Work Together.
~ Robert Orben
Banning Gun Shows To Reduce Violent Crime Will Work About As Well As Banning Auto Shows To Reduce Drunken Driving.
~ Bill McIntire
The Creative Act Is Not Performed By The Artist Alone; The Spectator Brings The Work In Contact With The External World By Deciphering And Interpreting Its Inner Qualifications And Thus Adds His Contribution To The Creative Act.
~ Marcel Duchamp
The Secretary Of Education Does Not Work For The Education Establishment. The Secretary Works For The American People.
~ William John Bennett
Gentlemen, You Are Now About To Embark On A Course Of Studies Which Will Occupy You For Two Years. Together, They Form A Noble Adventure. But I Would Like To Remind You Of An Important Point. Nothing That You Will Learn In The Course Of Your Studies Will Be Of The Slightest Possible Use To You In After Life, Save Only This, That If You Work Hard And Intelligently You Should Be Able To Detect When A Man Is Talking Rot, And That, In My View, Is The Main, If Not The Sole, Purpose Of Education.
~ John Alexander Smith, Speech to Oxford University students, 1914
Do Your Work Not Just Your Work And No More, But A Little More For The Lavishings Sake--that Little More Which Is Worth All The Rest.
~ Dean Briggs
A Man Should Learn To Detect And Watch That Gleam That Flashes Across His Mind From Within, More Than The Lustre Of The Firmament Of Bards And Sages. Yet He Dismisses Without Notice His Own Thought, Because It Is His. In Every Work Of Genius We Recognize Our Own Rejected Thoughts They Come Back To Us With A Sort Of Alienated Majesty.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
When You See What Some Women Marry, You Realize How They Must Hate To Work For A Living.
~ Helen Rowland
The Secret Of Greatness Is Simple: Do Better Work Than Any Other Man In Your Field - And Keep On Doing It.
~ Wilfred A. Peterson
It Is The Quality Of Our Work Which Will Please God And Not The Quantity.
~ Mahatma Gandhi
Doubtless Criticism Was Originally Benignant, Pointing Out The Beauties Of A Work Rather That Its Defects. The Passions Of Men Have Made It Malignant, As A Bad Heart Of Procrustes Turned The Bed, The Symbol Of Repose, Into An Instrument Of Torture.
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Every Artist Wants His Work To Be Permanent. But What Is The Aswan Dam Covered Some Of The Greatest Art In The World. Venice Is Sinking. Great Books And Pictures Were Lost In The Florence Floods. In The Meantime We Still Enjoy Butterflies.
~ Romare Beardon