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Work Quotes

from thousands of famous people

By The Work One Knows The Workmen.
~ Jean De La Fontaine
I Had Learned To Respect The Intelligence, Integrity, Creativity And Capacity For Deep Thought And Hard Work Latent Somewhere In Every Child They Had Learned That I Differed From Them Only In Years And Experience, And That As I, An Ordinary Human Being, Loved And Respected Them, I Expected Payment In Kind.
~ Sybil Marshall
My Work Is A Game, A Very Serious Game.
~ M. C. Esche
Problems Are Only Opportunities In Work Clothes.
~ Henry J. Kaise
Knowledge Must Be Gained By Ourselves. Mankind May Supply Us With The Facts But The Results, Even If They Agree With Previous Ones, Must Be The Work Of Our Mind.
~ Benjamin Disraeli
The American Constitution Is, So Far As I Can See, The Most Wonderful Work Ever Struck Off At A Given Time By The Brain And Purpose Of Man.
~ William Gladstone
Do All The Work You Can; That Is The Whole Philosophy Of The Good Way Of Life.
~ Eugene Delacroix
I Am A Great Believer In Luck And I Find The Harder I Work The More I Have Of It.
~ Stephen Butler Leacock
The Great Successful Men Of The World Have Used Their Imaginations, They Think Ahead And Create Their Mental Picture, And Then Go To Work Materializing That Picture In All Its Details, Filling In Here, Adding A Little There, Altering This A Bit And That Bit, But Steadily Building, Steadily Building.
~ Robert Collie
You Cannot Hope To Build A Better World Without Improving The Individuals. To That End Each Of Us Must Work For His Own Improvement, And At The Same Time Share A General Responsibility For All Humanity, Our Particular Duty Being To Aid Those To Whom We Think We Can Be Most Useful.
~ Marie Curie
If You Believe In What You Are Doing, Then Let Nothing Hold You Up In Your Work. Much Of The Best Work Of The World Has Been Done Against Seeming Impossibilities. The Thing Is To Get The Work Done.
~ Dale Carnegie
Get Happiness Out Of Your Work Or You May Never Know What Happiness Is.
~ Elbert Hubbard