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Work Quotes

from thousands of famous people

It Is Impossible To Enjoy Idling Unless There Is Plenty Of Work To Do.
~ Jerome K. Jerome
The True Work Of Art Is But A Shadow Of The Divine Perfection.
~ Michelangelo Buonarroti
God Does Not Judge Us By The Multitude Of Works We Perform, But How Well We Do The Work That Is Ours To Do. The Happiness Of Too Many Days Is Often Destroyed By Trying To Accomplish Too Much In One Day. We Would Do Well To Follow A Common Rule For Our Daily Lives-- DO LESS, AND DO IT BETTER.
~ Dr. Dale E. Turne
When You See What Some Women Marry, You Realize How They Must Hate To Work For A Living.
~ Helen Rowland
The Work Goes On, The Cause Endures, The Hope Still Lives And The Dream Shall Never Die.
~ Edward M. Kennedy, Democratic National Convention, 1980
There Are Two Kinds Of Talents, Man-made Talent And God-given Talent. With Man-made Talent You Have To Work Very Hard. With God-given Talent, You Just Touch It Up Once In A While.
~ Pearl Bailey
The Work Of Internal Government Has Become The Task Of Controlling The Thousands Of Fifth-rate Men.
~ Henry B. Adams
By The Work One Knows The Workmen.
~ Jean De La Fontaine
The Only Place Success Comes Before Work Is In The Dictionary.
~ Donald Kendall
Banning Gun Shows To Reduce Violent Crime Will Work About As Well As Banning Auto Shows To Reduce Drunken Driving.
~ Bill McIntire
You Are Never Given A Wish Without Also Being Given The Power To Make It Come True. You May Have To Work For It, However.
~ Richard Bach, Illusions [1977]
Every Job Is A Self-portrait Of The Person Who Did It. Autograph Your Work With Excellence.
~ Commitment To Excellence