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Good Leadership Consists In Showing Average People How To Do The Work Of Superior People.
~ John D. Rockefelle
The Most Enviable Writers Are Those Who, Quite Often Unanalytically And Unconsciously, Have Realized That There Are Different Facets To Their Nature And Are Able To Live And Work With Now One, Now Another, In The Ascendant.
~ Dorothea Brande
My Grandfather Once Told Me That There Were Two Kinds Of People Those Who Do The Work And Those Who Take The Credit. He Told Me To Try To Be In The First Group There Was Much Less Competition.
~ Indira Nehru Gandhi
Far And Away The Best Prize That Life Offers Is The Chance To Work Hard At Work Worth Doing.
~ Theodore Roosevelt, Speech in New York, September 7, 1903
I Will Have No Man Work For Me Who Has Not The Capacity To Become A Partner.
~ James Cash Penney
Take Your Work Seriously But Never Take Yourself Seriously; And Do Not Take What Happens Either To Yourself Or Your Work Seriously.
~ Booth Tarkington
Always Remember, You Can Never Finish Work, But Work Can Finish You.
~ Louis Keisle
If Women Are Expected To Do The Same Work As Men, We Must Teach Them The Same Things.
~ Plato
I Am A Strong Believer In Luck And I Find The Harder I Work The More I Have Of It.
~ Benjamin Franklin
Play Is Often Talked About As If It Were A Relief From Serious Learning. But For Children Play Is Serious Learning. Play Is Really The Work Of Childhood.
~ Fred Rogers
Do Your Work Not Just Your Work And No More, But A Little More For The Lavishings Sake--that Little More Which Is Worth All The Rest.
~ Dean Briggs
Success In Highest And Noblest Form Calls For Peace Of Mind And Enjoyment And Happiness Which Comes Only To The Man Who Has Found The Work He Likes Best.
~ Napoleon Hill