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Work Quotes

from thousands of famous people

What I Still Ask For Daily - For Life As Long As I Have Work To Do, And Work As Long As I Have Life.
~ Reynolds Price
Whoever Sets Himself To See Things As They Are Will Find Himself One Of A Very Small Circle But It Is Only By This Small Circle Resolutely Doing Its Own Work That Adequate Ideas Will Ever Get Current At All.
~ Matthew Arnold
Knowing How Things Work Is The Basis For Appreciation, And Is Thus A Source Of Civilized Delight.
~ William Safire
Advertising Is The Most Potent Influence In Adapting And Changing The Habits And Modes Of Life Affecting What We Eat, What We Wear, And The Work And Play Of A Whole Nation.
~ Calvin Coolidge
Even A Clock That Does Not Work Is Right Twice A Day.
~ Polish Prove
I Pride Myself On The Fact That My Work Has No Socially Redeeming Value.
~ John Waters
Life Is Often Compared To A Marathon, But I Think It Is More Like Being A Sprinter; Long Stretches Of Hard Work Punctuated By Brief Moments In Which We Are Given The Opportunity To Perform At Our Best.
~ Michael Johnson
Never Despair But If You Do, Work On In Despair.
~ Edmund Burke
The Only Place Where Success Comes Before Work Is A Dictionary.
~ Vidal Sassoon
The Thing That Is Really Hard, And Really Amazing, Is Giving Up On Being Perfect And Beginning The Work Of Becoming Yourself.
~ Anna Quindlen
Gentlemen, You Are Now About To Embark On A Course Of Studies Which Will Occupy You For Two Years. Together, They Form A Noble Adventure. But I Would Like To Remind You Of An Important Point. Nothing That You Will Learn In The Course Of Your Studies Will Be Of The Slightest Possible Use To You In After Life, Save Only This, That If You Work Hard And Intelligently You Should Be Able To Detect When A Man Is Talking Rot, And That, In My View, Is The Main, If Not The Sole, Purpose Of Education.
~ John Alexander Smith, Speech to Oxford University students, 1914
We Are Weighed Down, Every Moment, By The Conception And The Sensation Of Time. And There Are But Two Means Of Escaping And Forgetting This Nightmare: Pleasure And Work. Pleasure Consumes Us. Work Strengthens Us. Let Us Choose.
~ Charles Baudelaire