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If You Cannot Work With Love But Only With Distaste, It Is Better That You Should Leave Your Work.
~ Kahlil Gibran
One Person Can Have A Profound Effect On Another. And Two People... Well, Two People Can Work Miracles. They Can Change A Whole Town. They Can Change The World.
~ Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, Northern Exposure, Cicely, 1992
One Has But To Observe A Community Of Beavers At Work In A Stream To Understand The Loss In His Sagacity, Balance, Cooperation, Competence, And Purpose Which Man Has Suffered Since He Rose Up On His Hind Legs.... He Began To Chatter And He Developed Reason, Thought, And Imagination, Qualities Which Would Get The Smartest Group Of Rabbits Or Orioles In The World Into Inextricable Trouble Overnight.
~ James Grover Thurbe
Hope Is A State Of Mind, Not Of The World. Hope, In This Deep And Powerful Sense, Is Not The Same As Joy That Things Are Going Well, Or Willingness To Invest In Enterprises That Are Obviously Heading For Success, But Rather An Ability To Work For Something Because It Is Good.
~ Vaclav Havel
May There Always Be Work For Your Hands To Do, May Your Purse Always Hold A Coin Or Two. May The Sun Always Shine Warm On Your Windowpane, May A Rainbow Be Certain To Follow Each Rain. May The Hand Of A Friend Always Be Near You, And May God Fill Your Heart With Gladness To Cheer You.
~ Blessing Irish
Whenever It Is In Any Way Possible, Every Boy And Girl Should Choose As His Life Work Some Occupation Which He Should Like To Do Anyhow, Even If He Did Not Need The Money.
~ William Lyon Phelps
The Important Work Of Moving The World Forward Does Not Wait To Be Done By Perfect Men.
~ George Eliot
As We Face A New Era Of World History, There Is An Urgent Need For The True Church Of Jesus Christ, The Body Of Christ, To Be About The Business God Has Called Us To, The Work Of Ministry. And This Is A Work That Every Believer Is Called To Be Actively Involved In.
~ Edward Bedore
I Looked On Child Rearing Not Only As A Work Of Love And Duty But As A Profession That Was Fully As Interesting And Challenging As Any Honorable Profession In The World And One That Demanded The Best That I Could Bring To It.
~ Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy
Give Yourself Something To Work Toward--constantly.
~ Mary Kay Ash
Retirement, We Understand, Is Great If You Are Busy, Rich, And Healthy. But Then, Under Those Conditions, Work Is Great Too.
~ Bill Vaughan
When Many Work Together For A Goal, Great Things May Be Accomplished. It Is Said A Lion Cub Was Killed By A Single Colony Of Ants.
~ Saskya Pandita