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The Holy Spirit Makes A Man A Christian, And If He Is A Christian Through The Work Of The Holy Spirit, That Same Spirit Draws Him To Other Christians In The Church. An Individual Christian Is Not Christian At All.
~ R. Brokhoff
What Is Success I Think It Is A Mixture Of Having A Flair For The Thing That You Are Doing Knowing That It Is Not Enough, That You Have Got To Have Hard Work And A Certain Sense Of Purpose.
~ Margaret Hilda Thatche
Let This Be Understood, Then, At Starting; That The Patient Conquest Of Difficulties Which Rise In The Regular And Legitimate Channels Of Business And Enterprise Is Not Only Essential In Securing The Success Which You Seek But It Is Essential To That Preparation Of Your Mind, Requisite For The Enjoyment Of Your Successes, And For Retaining Them When Gained. So, Day By Day, And Week By Week; So Month After Month, And Year After Year, Work On, And In That Progress Gain In Strength And Symmetry, And Nerve And Knowledge, That When Success, Patiently And Bravely Worked For, Shall Come, It May Find You Prepared To Receive It And Keep It.
~ Josiah Gilbert Holland
The Only Place Where Success Comes Before Work Is A Dictionary.
~ Vidal Sassoon
Vigny, More SecretAs If In His Tower Of Ivory, Retired Before Noon. N. B. Vigny Refers To Comte De Vigny, Who Locked Himself In An Ivory Tower To Work Without The Influences Of Man And Desire.
~ Charles Augustin Sainte- Beauve
The Secretary Of Education Does Not Work For The Education Establishment. The Secretary Works For The American People.
~ William John Bennett
He Who Cannot Rest, Cannot Work He Who Cannot Let Go, Cannot Hold On He Who Cannot Find Footing, Cannot Go Forward.
~ Richard Willard Armou
What We Need To Do Is Learn To Work In The System, By Which I Mean That Everybody, Every Team, Every Platform, Every Division, Every Component Is There Not For Individual Competitive Profit Or Recognition, But For Contribution To The System As A Whole On A Win-win Basis.
~ W. Edwards Deming
The Secret Of Greatness Is Simple Do Better Work Than Any Other Man In Your Field - And Keep On Doing It.
~ Wilfred A. Peterson
Get Happiness Out Of Your Work Or You May Never Know What Happiness Is.
~ Elbert Hubbard
Working Hard Overcomes A Who Lot Of Other Obstacles. You Can Have Unbelievable Intelligence, You Can Have Connections, You Can Have Opportunities Fall Out Of The Sky. But In The End, Hard Work Is The True, Enduring Characteristic Of Successful People.
~ Marsha Evans
The Hardest Work In The World Is That Which Should Have Been Done Yesterday.
~ Author Unknown