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You Can Do What You Want To Do, Accomplish What You Want To Accomplish, Attain Any Reasonable Objective You May Have In Mind--not All Of A Sudden, Perhaps Not In One Swift And Sweeping Act Of Achievement--but You Can Do It Gradually, Day By Day And Play By Play, If You Want To Do It, If You Work To Do It, Over A Sufficiently Long Period Of Time.
~ William E. Holle
Doubtless Criticism Was Originally Benignant, Pointing Out The Beauties Of A Work Rather That Its Defects. The Passions Of Men Have Made It Malignant, As A Bad Heart Of Procrustes Turned The Bed, The Symbol Of Repose, Into An Instrument Of Torture.
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The Human Race Is Faced With A Cruel Choice: Work Or Daytime Television.
~ Unknown
Do Continue To Believe That With Your Feeling And Your Work You Are Taking Part In The Greatest The More Strongly You Cultivate This Belief, The More Will Reality And The World Go Forth From It.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke
The Leader Who Exercises Power With Honor Will Work From The Inside Out, Starting With Himself.
~ Blaine Lee
In Reality, Serendipity Accounts For One Percent Of The Blessings We Receive In Life, Work And Love. The Other 99 Percent Is Due To Our Efforts.
~ Peter McWilliams
Call It What You Will, Incentives Are What Get People To Work Harder.
~ Nikita Khrushchev
Problems Are Only Opportunities In Work Clothes.
~ Henry J. Kaise
One Has But To Observe A Community Of Beavers At Work In A Stream To Understand The Loss In His Sagacity, Balance, Cooperation, Competence, And Purpose Which Man Has Suffered Since He Rose Up On His Hind Legs.... He Began To Chatter And He Developed Reason, Thought, And Imagination, Qualities Which Would Get The Smartest Group Of Rabbits Or Orioles In The World Into Inextricable Trouble Overnight.
~ James Grover Thurbe
If A Is Success In Life, Then A Equals X Plus Y Plus Z. Work Is X Y Is Play And Z Is Keeping Your Mouth Shut.
~ Albert Einstein
Even A Clock That Does Not Work Is Right Twice A Day.
~ Polish Prove
I Have Long Been Of The Opinion That If Work Were Such A Splendid Thing The Rich Would Have Kept More Of It For Themselves.
~ Bruce Grocott