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Work Quotes

from thousands of famous people

I Am Done With Great Things And Big Plans, Great Institutions And Big Success. I Am For Those Tiny, Invisible Loving Human Forces That Work From Individual To Individual, Creeping Through The Crannies Of The World Like So Many Rootlets, Or Like The Capil.
~ William James
I Pride Myself On The Fact That My Work Has No Socially Redeeming Value.
~ John Waters
Laziness May Appear Attractive, But Work Gives Satisfaction.
~ Anne Frank
He Who Cannot Rest, Cannot Work He Who Cannot Let Go, Cannot Hold On He Who Cannot Find Footing, Cannot Go Forward.
~ Richard Willard Armou
If Work Were Good For You, The Rich Would Leave None For The Poor.
~ Haitian Prove
Be Aware Of Wonder. Live A Balanced Life--learn Some And Think Some And Draw And Paint And Sing And Dance And Play And Work Every Day Some.
~ Robert
An Honest Man Is The Noblest Work Of God.
~ Alexander Pope
Arbeit Macht Frei. Work Sets You Free.
~ Major Rudolph Hoss, Auschwitz Gate
Whoever Does Not Love His Work Cannot Hope That It Will Please Others.
~ Unknown
The Most Enviable Writers Are Those Who, Quite Often Unanalytically And Unconsciously, Have Realized That There Are Different Facets To Their Nature And Are Able To Live And Work With Now One, Now Another, In The Ascendant.
~ Dorothea Brande
Any Necessary Work That Pays An Honest Wage Carries Its Own Honor And Dignity.
~ W. Kelly Griffith
I Have Long Been Of The Opinion That If Work Were Such A Splendid Thing The Rich Would Have Kept More Of It For Themselves.
~ Bruce Grocott