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Good Leadership Consists In Showing Average People How To Do The Work Of Superior People.
~ John D. Rockefelle
Good Management Is The Art Of Making Problems So Interesting And Their Solutions So Constructive That Everyone Wants To Get To Work And Deal With Them.
~ Paul Hawken, Growing a Business
Thoughts Give Birth To A Creative Force That Is Neither Elemental Nor Sidereal. Thoughts Create A New Heaven, A New Firmament, A New Source Of Energy, From Which New Arts Flow. When A Man Undertakes To Create Something, He Establishes A New Heaven, As It Were And From It The Work That He Desires To Create Flows Into Him. For Such Is The Immensity Of Man That He Is Greater Than Heaven And Earth.
~ Philipus Aureolus Paracelsus
Retirement, We Understand, Is Great If You Are Busy, Rich, And Healthy. But Then, Under Those Conditions, Work Is Great Too.
~ Bill Vaughan
Trouble Is Only Opportunity In Work Clothes.
~ Henry J. Kaise
Any Great Work Of Art... Revives And Readapts Time And Space, And The Measure Of Its Success Is The Extent To Which It Makes You An Inhabitant Of That World -- The Extent To Which It Invites You In And Lets You Breathe Its Strange, Special Air.
~ Leonard Bernstein
Much Good Work Is Lost For The Lack Of A Little More.
~ Edward Harriman
Never Regard Study As A Duty, But As The Enviable Opportunity To Learn To Know The Liberating Influence Of Beauty In The Realm Of The Spirit For Your Own Personal Joy And To The Profit Of The Community To Which Your Later Work Belongs.
~ Albert Einstein
Every Artist Wants His Work To Be Permanent. But What Is The Aswan Dam Covered Some Of The Greatest Art In The World. Venice Is Sinking. Great Books And Pictures Were Lost In The Florence Floods. In The Meantime We Still Enjoy Butterflies.
~ Romare Beardon
The Only Place Where Success Comes Before Work Is In The Dictionary.
~ Vidal Sassoon
Do Your Work Not Just Your Work And No More, But A Little More For The Lavishings Sake--that Little More Which Is Worth All The Rest.
~ Dean Briggs
God Does Not Judge Us By The Multitude Of Works We Perform, But How Well We Do The Work That Is Ours To Do. The Happiness Of Too Many Days Is Often Destroyed By Trying To Accomplish Too Much In One Day. We Would Do Well To Follow A Common Rule For Our Daily Lives-- DO LESS, AND DO IT BETTER.
~ Dr. Dale E. Turne