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For Too Long, Many Nations, Including My Own, Tolerated, Even Excused, Oppression In The Middle East In The Name Of Stability. Oppression Became Common, But Stability Never Arrived. We Must Take A Different Approach. We Must Help The Reformers Of The Middle East As They Work For Freedom, And Strive To Build A Community Of Peaceful, Democratic Nations.
~ George W. Bush, Speech to UN General Assembly, September 21, 2004
I Like Work It Fascinates Me. I Can Sit And Look At It For Hours. I Love To Keep It By Me The Idea Of Getting Rid Of It Nearly Breaks My Heart.
~ Jerome K. Jerome
A Leader Is Someone Who Steps Back From The Entire System And Tries To Build A More Collaborative, More Innovative System That Will Work Over The Long Term.
~ Robert Reich
The Most Important Work You And I Will Ever Do Will Be Within The Wall Of Our Own Homes.
~ Harold B. Lee
I Have Long Been Of The Opinion That If Work Were Such A Splendid Thing The Rich Would Have Kept More Of It For Themselves.
~ Bruce Grocott
I Believe That To Meet The Challenge Of The Next Century, Human Beings Will Have To Develop A Greater Sense Of Universal Responsibility. Each Of Us Must Learn To Work Not Just For His Or Her Own Self, Family Or Nation, But For The Benefit Of All Mankind.
~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama, speech? in 1994
The Reason Why Worry Kills More People Than Work Is That More People Worry Than Work.
~ Robert Frost
I Respect Every Soldier, From Every Country, Who Serves Beside Us In The Hard Work Of History. America Is Grateful, And America Will Not Forget.
~ George W. Bush, September 2, 2004, The Republican National Convention, N. Y
Blessed Is He Who Has Found His Work Let Him Ask No Other Blessedness.
~ Thomas Carlyle
Things Could Always Be Worse For Instance, You Could Be Ugly And Work In The Post Office.
~ Adrienne E. Gusoff
For One Human Being To Love Another That Is Perhaps The Most Difficult Of All Our Tasks, The Ultimate, The Last Test And Proof, The Work For Which All Other Work Is But Preparation.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke
The Only Place Where Success Comes Before Work Is In The Dictionary.
~ Vidal Sassoon