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Work Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Great Successful Men Of The World Have Used Their Imaginations, They Think Ahead And Create Their Mental Picture, And Then Go To Work Materializing That Picture In All Its Details, Filling In Here, Adding A Little There, Altering This A Bit And That Bit, But Steadily Building, Steadily Building.
~ Robert Collie
Without Ambition One Starts Nothing. Without Work One Finishes Nothing. The Prize Will Not Be Sent To You. You Have To Win It. The Man Who Knows How Will Always Have A Job. The Man Who Also Knows Why Will Always Be His Boss. As To Methods There May Be A Million And Then Some, But Principles Are Few. The Man Who Grasps Principles Can Successfully Select His Own Methods. The Man Who Tries Methods, Ignoring Principles, Is Sure To Have Trouble.
~ Emerson
Hard Work Never Killed Anybody, But Why Take A Chance.
~ Edgar Bergen
A Clergyman Is One Who Feels Himself Called Upon To Live Without Working At The Expense Of The Rascals Who Work To Live.
~ Voltaire
Certainly Work Is Not Always Required Of A Man. There Is Such A Thing As A Sacred Idleness - The Cultivation Of Which Is Now Fearfully Neglected.
~ G. Macdonald
Far And Away The Best Prize That Life Offers Is The Chance To Work Hard At Work Worth Doing.
~ Theodore Roosevelt, Speech in New York, September 7, 1903
Self-esteem Is Something You Have To Earn! The Only Way To Achieve Self-esteem Is To Work Hard. People Have An Obligation To Live Up To Their Potential.
~ Bette Midle
The Holy Spirit Makes A Man A Christian, And If He Is A Christian Through The Work Of The Holy Spirit, That Same Spirit Draws Him To Other Christians In The Church. An Individual Christian Is Not Christian At All.
~ R. Brokhoff
People Who Work Together Will Win, Whether It Be Against Complex Football Defenses, Or The Problems Of Modern Society.
~ Vince Lombardi
When You See What Some Women Marry, You Realize How They Must Hate To Work For A Living.
~ Helen Rowland
Hard Work Never Killed Anybody, But Why Take A Chance?
~ Charlie McCarthy (Edgar Bergen)
And The Work Of Righteousness Shall Be Peace And The Effect Of Righteousness Quietness And Assurance For Ever.
~ Bible