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In My Wide Association In Life, Meeting With Many And Great Men In Various Parts Of The World, I Have Yet To Find The Man, However Great Or Exalted His Station, Who Did Not Do Better Work And Put Forth Greater Effort Under A Spirit Of Approval Than He Would Ever Do Under A Spirit Of Criticism.
~ Charles M. Schwa
It Behooves Every Man To Remember That The Work Of The Critic, Is Of Altogether Secondary Importance, And That, In The End, Progress Is Accomplished By The Man Who Does Things.
~ Theodore Roosevelt
The Classes That Wash Most Are Those That Work Least.
~ G. K. Chesterton
I Am A Strong Believer In Luck And I Find The Harder I Work The More I Have Of It.
~ Benjamin Franklin
If You Have Built Castles In The Air, Your Work Need Not Be Lost That Is Where They Should Be. Now Put The Foundations Under Them.
~ George Bernard Shaw
May There Always Be Work For Your Hands To Do, May Your Purse Always Hold A Coin Or Two. May The Sun Always Shine Warm On Your Windowpane, May A Rainbow Be Certain To Follow Each Rain. May The Hand Of A Friend Always Be Near You, And May God Fill Your Heart With Gladness To Cheer You.
~ Blessing Irish
Why Does This Magnificent Applied Science, Which Saves Work And Makes Life Easier, Bring Us Little Happiness The Simple Answer Runs Because We Have Not Yet Learned To Make Sensible Use Of It.
~ Albert Einstein
The Noun Of Self Becomes A Verb. This Flashpoint Of Creation In The Present Moment Is Where Work And Play Merge.
~ Stephen Nachmanovitch
The Brain That Bubbles With Phrases Has Hard Work To Collect Its Thoughts.
~ Author Unknown
The Aim Of Art, The Aim Of A Life Can Only Be To Increase The Sum Of Freedom And Responsibility To Be Found In Every Man And In The World. It Cannot, Under Any Circumstances, Be To Reduce Or Suppress That Freedom, Even Temporarily. No Great Work Has Ever Been Based On Hatred And Contempt. On The Contrary, There Is Not A Single True Work Of Art That Has Not In The End Added To The Inner Freedom Of Each Person Who Has Known And Loved It.
~ Albert Camus
Normal Is Getting Dressed In Clothes That You Buy For Work And Driving Through Traffic In A Car That You Are Still Paying For - In Order To Get To The Job You Need To Pay For The Clothes And The Car, And The House You Leave Vacant All Day So You Can Afford To Live In It.
~ Ellen Goodman
I Am A Great Believer In Luck. The Harder I Work The More Of It I Seem To Have.
~ Coleman Cox