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Never Despair; But If You Do, Work On In Despair.
~ Edmund Burke
Get Happiness Out Of Your Work Or You May Never Know What Happiness Is.
~ Elbert Hubbard
Those People Who Develop The Ability To Continuously Acquire New And Better Forms Of Knowledge That They Can Apply To Their Work And To Their Lives Will Be The Movers And Shakers In Our Society For The Indefinite Future.
~ Brian Tracy
One Machine Can Do The Work Of Fifty Ordinary Men. No Machine Can Do The Work Of One Extraordinary Man.
~ Elbert Hubbard
You Learn To Speak By Speaking, To Study By Studying, To Run By Running, To Work By Working And Just So, You Learn To Love By Loving. All Those Who Think To Learn In Any Other Way Deceive Themselves.
~ Saint Francis de Sales
New Knowledge Is The Most Valuable Commodity On Earth. The More Truth We Have To Work With, The Richer We Become.
~ Kurt Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions
The Expectations Of Life Depend Upon Diligence The Mechanic That Would Perfect His Work Must First Sharpen His Tools.
~ Confucius
Hard Work Never Killed Anybody, But Why Take A Chance.
~ Edgar Bergen
And The Work Of Righteousness Shall Be Peace; And The Effect Of Righteousness Quietness And Assurance For Ever.
~ Bible, Isaiah 32: 17
Do Continue To Believe That With Your Feeling And Your Work You Are Taking Part In The Greatest The More Strongly You Cultivate This Belief, The More Will Reality And The World Go Forth From It.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke
I Like Work It Fascinates Me. I Can Sit And Look At It For Hours. I Love To Keep It By Me The Idea Of Getting Rid Of It Nearly Breaks My Heart.
~ Jerome K. Jerome
The More I Work With The Body, Keeping My Assumptions In A Temporary State Of Reservation, The More I Appreciate And Sympathize With A Given Disease. The Body No Longer Appears As A Sick Or Irrational Demon, But As A Process With Its Own Inner Logic And Wisdom.
~ Dr. Thomas Arnold Mindell