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from thousands of famous people

If You Can Laugh Together, You Can Work Together.
~ Robert Orben
Hardly A Competent Workman Can Be Found Who Does Not Devote A Considerable Amount Of Time To Studying Just How Slowly He Can Work And Still Convince His Employer That He Is Going At A Good Pace.
~ Frederick W. Taylo
Our Future May Lie Beyond Our Vision, But It Is Not Completely Beyond Our Control. It Is The Shaping Impulse Of America That Neither Fate Nor Nature Nor The Irresistible Tides Of History, But The Work Of Our Own Hands, Matched To Reason And Principle, That Will Determine Our Destiny. There Is Pride In That, Even Arrogance, But There Is Also Experience And Truth. In Any Event, It Is The Only Way We Can Live.
~ Robert F. Kennedy, 1966 speech to South African young people
Teachers Believe They Have A Gift For Giving It Drives Them With The Same Irrepressible Drive That Drives Others To Create A Work Of Art Or A Market Or A Building.
~ A Bartlett Giamatti
My Father Taught Me To Work He Did Not Teach Me To Love It.
~ Abraham Lincoln
Work Is Love Made Visible. And If You Cannot Work With Love But Only With Distaste, It Is Better That You Should Leave Your Work And Sit At The Gate Of The Temple And Take Alms Of Those Who Work With Joy.
~ Kahlil Gibran
Those People Who Develop The Ability To Continuously Acquire New And Better Forms Of Knowledge That They Can Apply To Their Work And To Their Lives Will Be The Movers And Shakers In Our Society For The Indefinite Future.
~ Brian Tracy
If You Have Built Castles In The Air, Your Work Need Not Be Lost; That Is Where They Should Be. Now Put The Foundations Under Them.
~ Henry David Thoreau
Do Not Pray For Easy Lives. Pray To Be Stronger Men. Do Not Pray For Tasks Equal To Your Powers. Pray For Powers Equal To Your Tasks. Then The Doing Of Your Work Shall Be No Miracle, But You Shall Be The Miracle.
~ Phillips Brooks
I Learned This, At Least, By My Experiment; That If One Advances Confidently In The Direction Of His Dreams, And Endeavors To Live The Life Which He Has Imagined, He Will Meet With A Success Unexpected In Common Hours. He Will Put Some Things Behind, Will Pass An Invisible Boundary; New, Universal, And More Liberal Laws Will Begin To Establish Themselves Around And Within Him; Or The Old Laws Be Expanded, And Interpreted In His Favor In A More Liberal Sense, And He Will Live With The License Of A Higher Order Of Beings. In Proportion As He Simplifies His Life, The Laws Of The Universe Will Appear Less Complex, And Solitude Will Not Be Solitude, Nor Poverty Poverty, Nor Weakness Weakness. If You Have Built Castles In The Air, Your Work Need Not Be Lost; That Is Where They Should Be. Now Put The Foundations Under Them.
~ Henry David Thoreau, "Walden", pp. 323- 324
The Most Enviable Writers Are Those Who, Quite Often Unanalytically And Unconsciously, Have Realized That There Are Different Facets To Their Nature And Are Able To Live And Work With Now One, Now Another, In The Ascendant.
~ Dorothea Brande
For One Human Being To Love Another: That Is Perhaps The Most Difficult Of Our Tasks; The Ultimate, The Last Test And Proof, The Work For Which All Other Work Is But Preparation.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke