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If We Work Upon Marble, It Will Perish If We Work Upon Brass, Time Will Efface It If We Rear Temples, They Will Crumble Into Dust But If We Work Upon Immortal Minds And Instill Into Them Just Principles, We Are Then Engraving That Upon Tablets Which No Time Will Efface, But Will Brighten And Brighten To All Eternity.
~ Daniel Webste
For Too Long, Many Nations, Including My Own, Tolerated, Even Excused, Oppression In The Middle East In The Name Of Stability. Oppression Became Common, But Stability Never Arrived. We Must Take A Different Approach. We Must Help The Reformers Of The Middle East As They Work For Freedom, And Strive To Build A Community Of Peaceful, Democratic Nations.
~ George W. Bush, Speech to UN General Assembly, September 21, 2004
The Human Race Is Faced With A Cruel Choice Work Or Daytime Television.
~ Unknown
You Only Live Once -- But If You Work It Right, Once Is Enough.
~ Joe E. Lewis
I Offer You Peace. I Offer You Love. I Offer You Friendship. I See Your Beauty. I Hear Your Need. I Feel Your Feelings. My Wisdom Flows From The Highest Source. I Salute That Source In You. Let Us Work Together For Unity And Love.
~ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Without Ambition One Starts Nothing. Without Work One Finishes Nothing. The Prize Will Not Be Sent To You. You Have To Win It. The Man Who Knows How Will Always Have A Job. The Man Who Also Knows Why Will Always Be His Boss. As To Methods There May Be A Million And Then Some, But Principles Are Few. The Man Who Grasps Principles Can Successfully Select His Own Methods. The Man Who Tries Methods, Ignoring Principles, Is Sure To Have Trouble.
~ Emerson
I Am A Strong Believer In Luck And I Find The Harder I Work The More I Have Of It.
~ Benjamin Franklin
Retirement Kills More People Than Hard Work Ever Did.
~ Malcolm S. Forbes
The Only Place Where Success Comes Before Work Is In The Dictionary.
~ Vidal Sassoon
My Father Taught Me To Work He Did Not Teach Me To Love It.
~ Abraham Lincoln
Work Is Love Made Visible. And If You Cannot Work With Love But Only With Distaste, It Is Better That You Should Leave Your Work And Sit At The Gate Of The Temple And Take Alms Of Those Who Work With Joy.
~ Kahlil Gibran
I Am A Great Believer In Luck. The Harder I Work The More Of It I Seem To Have.
~ Coleman Cox