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Work Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Never Despair But If You Do, Work On In Despair.
~ Edmund Burke
Dreams Can Become A Reality When We Possess A Vision That Is Characterized By The Willingness To Work Hard, A Desire For Excellence And A Belief In Our Right And Our Responsibility To Be Equal Members Of Society.
~ Janet Jackson
I Believe That To Meet The Challenge Of The Next Century, Human Beings Will Have To Develop A Greater Sense Of Universal Responsibility. Each Of Us Must Learn To Work Not Just For His Or Her Own Self, Family Or Nation, But For The Benefit Of All Mankind.
~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama, speech? in 1994
Every Job Is A Self-portrait Of The Person Who Did It. Autograph Your Work With Excellence.
~ Commitment To Excellence
I Find That A Man Is As Old As His Work. If His Work Keeps Him From Moving Forward, He Will Look Forward With The Work.
~ William Ernest Hocking
No Matter How Hard You Work For Success If Your Thought Is Saturated With The Fear Of Failure, It Will Kill Your Efforts, Neutralize Your Endeavors And Make Success Impossible.
~ Baudjuin
Work Is Love Made Visible. And If You Cannot Work With Love But Only With Distaste, It Is Better That You Should Leave Your Work And Sit At The Gate Of The Temple And Take Alms Of Those Who Work With Joy.
~ Kahlil Gibran
He Who Builds A Better Mousetrap These Days Runs Into Material Shortages, Patent-infringement Suits, Work Stoppages, Collusive Bidding, Discount Discrimination--and Taxes.
~ H. E. Martz
It Is Impossible To Enjoy Idling Thoroughly Unless One Has Plenty Of Work To Do.
~ Jerome K. Jerome
Your Most Precious Possession Is Not Your Financial Assets. Your Most Precious Possession Is The People You Have Working There, And What They Carry Around In Their Heads, And Their Ability To Work Together.
~ Robert Reich
My Work Is Done, Why Wait?
~ Kodak founder George Eastman, in his suicide note
There Are So Many Different Ways Lives Work Out, So Many Stories, And Every One Of Them Is Precious: Full Of Joy And Heartbreak, And A Fair Amount Of Situation Comedy.
~ Sean Stewart, Perfect Circle, 2004