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Mistakes, Obviously, Show Us What Needs Improving. Without Mistakes, How Would We Know What We Had To Work On.
~ Peter McWilliams
You Only Live Once But If You Work It Right, Once Is Enough.
~ Joe E. Lewis
The Creative Act Is Not Performed By The Artist Alone; The Spectator Brings The Work In Contact With The External World By Deciphering And Interpreting Its Inner Qualifications And Thus Adds His Contribution To The Creative Act.
~ Marcel Duchamp
I Am Done With Great Things And Big Plans, Great Institutions And Big Success. I Am For Those Tiny, Invisible Loving Human Forces That Work From Individual To Individual, Creeping Through The Crannies Of The World Like So Many Rootlets, Or Like The Capil.
~ William James
Our Best Work Is Done When It Needs To Be.
~ F. Phelps
My Grandfather Once Told Me That There Were Two Kinds Of People Those Who Do The Work And Those Who Take The Credit. He Told Me To Try To Be In The First Group There Was Much Less Competition.
~ Indira Nehru Gandhi
We Are Not In A Position In Which We Have Nothing To Work With. We Already Have Capacities, Talents, Direction, Missions, Callings.
~ Abraham Maslow
There Is No Higher Religion Than Human Service. To Work For The Common Good Is The Greatest Creed.
~ Woodrow Wilson
The Policy Of Repression Of Ideas Cannot Work And Never Has Worked.
~ Robert Hutchins
Half The Work That Is Done In The World Is To Make Things Appear What They Are Not.
~ Erastus Flavel Beadle
By Working Faithfully Eight Hours A Day, You May Eventually Get To Be A Boss And Work Twelve Hours A Day.
~ Robert Frost
No Degree Of Dullness Can Safeguard A Work Against The Determination Of Critics To Find It Fascinating.
~ Harold Rosenberg