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Work Quotes

from thousands of famous people

People Who Work Together Will Win, Whether It Be Against Complex Football Defenses, Or The Problems Of Modern Society.
~ Vince Lombardi
I Looked On Child Rearing Not Only As A Work Of Love And Duty But As A Profession That Was Fully As Interesting And Challenging As Any Honorable Profession In The World And One That Demanded The Best That I Could Bring To It.
~ Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy
The Only Place Success Comes Before Work Is In The Dictionary.
~ Donald Kendall
Your Most Precious Possession Is Not Your Financial Assets. Your Most Precious Possession Is The People You Have Working There, And What They Carry Around In Their Heads, And Their Ability To Work Together.
~ Robert Reich
Knowledge Must Be Gained By Ourselves. Mankind May Supply Us With The Facts But The Results, Even If They Agree With Previous Ones, Must Be The Work Of Our Mind.
~ Benjamin Disraeli
People Might Not Get All They Work For In This World, But They Must Certainly Work For All They Get.
~ Frederick Douglas
It Is Not A Question Of How Well Each Process Works, The Question Is How Well They All Work Together.
~ Lloyd Dobens and Clare Crawford- Mason, Thinking About Quality
Hard Work Never Killed Anybody, But Why Take A Chance.
~ Edgar Bergen
Thinking Is The Hardest Work There Is, Which Is Probably The Reason So Few Engage In It.
~ Henry Ford
The American Constitution Is, So Far As I Can See, The Most Wonderful Work Ever Struck Off At A Given Time By The Brain And Purpose Of Man.
~ William Gladstone
Far And Away The Best Prize That Life Offers Is The Chance To Work Hard At Work Worth Doing.
~ Theodore Roosevelt, Speech in New York, September 7, 1903
Even Though Work Stops, Expenses Run On.
~ Cato the Elder, On Agriculture