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Work Quotes

from thousands of famous people

A Job Is What We Do For Money Work Is What We Do For Love.
~ Marysarah Quinn
All Who Think Cannot But See There Is A Sanction Like That Of Religion Which Binds Us In Partnership In The Serious Work Of The World.
~ John Hay
It Behooves Every Man To Remember That The Work Of The Critic, Is Of Altogether Secondary Importance, And That, In The End, Progress Is Accomplished By The Man Who Does Things.
~ Theodore Roosevelt
By Working Faithfully Eight Hours A Day, You May Eventually Get To Be A Boss And Work Twelve Hours A Day.
~ Robert Frost
The Work Of Art Must Seize Upon You, Wrap You Up In Itself And Carry You Away. It Is The Means By Which The Artist Conveys His Passion. It Is The Current Which He Puts Forth Which Sweeps You Along In His Passion.
~ Auguste Renoi
All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy.
~ John Bay
The Secret Of Greatness Is Simple Do Better Work Than Any Other Man In Your Field - And Keep On Doing It.
~ Wilfred A. Peterson
The Secretary Of Education Does Not Work For The Education Establishment. The Secretary Works For The American People.
~ William John Bennett
And The Work Of Righteousness Shall Be Peace And The Effect Of Righteousness Quietness And Assurance For Ever.
~ Bible
Hard Work Never Killed Anybody, But Why Take A Chance.
~ Edgar Bergen
You Can Do What You Want To Do, Accomplish What You Want To Accomplish, Attain Any Reasonable Objective You May Have In Mind--not All Of A Sudden, Perhaps Not In One Swift And Sweeping Act Of Achievement--but You Can Do It Gradually, Day By Day And Play By Play, If You Want To Do It, If You Work To Do It, Over A Sufficiently Long Period Of Time.
~ William E. Holle
Ideas Must Work Through The Brains And The Arms Of Good And Brave Men, Or They Are No Better Than Dreams.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson