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Vigny, More SecretAs If In His Tower Of Ivory, Retired Before Noon. N. B. Vigny Refers To Comte De Vigny, Who Locked Himself In An Ivory Tower To Work Without The Influences Of Man And Desire.
~ Charles Augustin Sainte- Beauve
The Great Successful Men Of The World Have Used Their Imaginations, They Think Ahead And Create Their Mental Picture, And Then Go To Work Materializing That Picture In All Its Details, Filling In Here, Adding A Little There, Altering This A Bit And That Bit, But Steadily Building, Steadily Building.
~ Robert Collie
The Expectations Of Life Depend Upon Diligence The Mechanic That Would Perfect His Work Must First Sharpen His Tools.
~ Confucius
Knowledge, The Object Of Knowledge And The Knower Are The Three Factors Which Motivate Action The Senses, The Work And The Doer Comprise The Threefold Basis Of Action.
~ Bhagavad Gita
New Knowledge Is The Most Valuable Commodity On Earth. The More Truth We Have To Work With, The Richer We Become.
~ Kurt Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions
Do Your Work Not Just Your Work And No More, But A Little More For The Lavishings Sake--that Little More Which Is Worth All The Rest.
~ Dean Briggs
Writing Is Hard Work And Bad For The Health.
~ E. B. White
Good Leadership Consists In Showing Average People How To Do The Work Of Superior People.
~ John D. Rockefelle
What We Need To Do Is Learn To Work In The System, By Which I Mean That Everybody, Every Team, Every Platform, Every Division, Every Component Is There Not For Individual Competitive Profit Or Recognition, But For Contribution To The System As A Whole On A Win-win Basis.
~ W. Edwards Deming
Seek The Lofty By Reading, Hearing And Seeing Great Work At Some Moment Every Day.
~ Thornton
When Our Eyes See Our Hands Doing The Work Of Our Hearts, The Circle Of Creation Is Completed Inside Us, The Doors Of Our Souls Fly Open, And Love Steps Forth To Heal Everything In Sight.
~ Michael Bridge
One Should Either Be A Work Of Art, Or Wear A Work Of Art.
~ Oscar Wilde