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I Have Long Been Of The Opinion That If Work Were Such A Splendid Thing The Rich Would Have Kept More Of It For Themselves.
~ Bruce Grocott
You Learn To Speak By Speaking, To Study By Studying, To Run By Running, To Work By Working And Just So, You Learn To Love By Loving. All Those Who Think To Learn In Any Other Way Deceive Themselves.
~ Saint Francis de Sales
The Creative Act Is Not Performed By The Artist Alone; The Spectator Brings The Work In Contact With The External World By Deciphering And Interpreting Its Inner Qualifications And Thus Adds His Contribution To The Creative Act.
~ Marcel Duchamp
The Great Successful Men Of The World Have Used Their Imaginations, They Think Ahead And Create Their Mental Picture, And Then Go To Work Materializing That Picture In All Its Details, Filling In Here, Adding A Little There, Altering This A Bit And That Bit, But Steadily Building, Steadily Building.
~ Robert Collie
The Leader Who Exercises Power With Honor Will Work From The Inside Out, Starting With Himself.
~ Blaine Lee
I Am A Great Believer In Luck. The Harder I Work The More Of It I Seem To Have.
~ Coleman Cox
But This Is The Second Work Of The Law When It Hath By Its Convictions Brought The Sinner Into A Condition Of A Sense Of Guilt Which He Cannot Avoid, -- Nor Will Anything Tender Him Relief, Which Way So Ever He Lose, For He Is In A Desert, -- It Represents Unto Him The Holiness And Severity Of God, With His Indignation And Wrath Against Sin Which Have A Resemblance Of A Consuming Fire. This Fills His Heart With Dread And Terror And Makes Him See His Miserable, Undone Condition.
~ John Owen
Choose A Job You Love, And You Will Never Have To Work A Day In Your Life.
~ Confucious
Ideas Must Work Through The Brains And Arms Of Men, Or They Are No Better Than Dreams.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
A Little Less Complaint And Whining, And A Little More Dogged Work And Manly Striving, Would Do Us More Credit Than A Thousand Civil Rights Bills.
~ W. E. B. Du Bois
Take Your Work Seriously But Never Take Yourself Seriously; And Do Not Take What Happens Either To Yourself Or Your Work Seriously.
~ Booth Tarkington
We Teachers Can Only Help The Work Going On, As Servants Wait Upon A Master.
~ Maria Montessori