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Never Regard Study As A Duty, But As The Enviable Opportunity To Learn To Know The Liberating Influence Of Beauty In The Realm Of The Spirit For Your Own Personal Joy And To The Profit Of The Community To Which Your Later Work Belongs.
~ Albert Einstein
I Am Done With Great Things And Big Plans, Great Institutions And Big Success. I Am For Those Tiny, Invisible Loving Human Forces That Work From Individual To Individual, Creeping Through The Crannies Of The World Like So Many Rootlets, Or Like The Capil.
~ William James
The Hardest Work In The World Is That Which Should Have Been Done Yesterday.
~ Author Unknown
Your Work Is First, Learning Is First, Winning Is Everything Because Without It There Is Nothing.
~ Orson Scott Card
Good Leadership Consists In Showing Average People How To Do The Work Of Superior People.
~ John D. Rockefelle
We Are Not In A Position In Which We Have Nothing To Work With. We Already Have Capacities, Talents, Direction, Missions, Callings.
~ Abraham Maslow
The Secret Of Joy In Work Is Contained In One Word - Excellence. To Know How To Do Something Well Is To Enjoy It.
~ Pearl Buck, The Joy of Children, 1964
Surely A Tired Woman On Her Way To Work At Six In The Morning On A Subway Deserves The Right To Get There Safely. Everyone Who Changes His Or Her Life Because Of Crime. Have Been Denied A Basic Civil Right.
~ George Herbert Walker Bush
As A Rule, Software Systems Do Not Work Well Until They Have Been Used, And Have Failed Repeatedly, In Real Applications.
~ Dave Parnas
Banning Gun Shows To Reduce Violent Crime Will Work About As Well As Banning Auto Shows To Reduce Drunken Driving.
~ Bill McIntire
It Is Impossible To Enjoy Idling Unless There Is Plenty Of Work To Do.
~ Jerome K. Jerome
Knowledge, The Object Of Knowledge And The Knower Are The Three Factors Which Motivate Action The Senses, The Work And The Doer Comprise The Threefold Basis Of Action.
~ Bhagavad Gita