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Work Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Never Despair But If You Do, Work On In Despair.
~ Edmund Burke
Remember That You Are Needed. There Is At Least One Important Work To Be Done That Will Not Be Done Unless You Do It.
~ Charles L. Allen
Seek The Lofty By Reading, Hearing And Seeing Great Work At Some Moment Every Day.
~ Thornton
People Who Work Sitting Down Get Paid More Than People Who Work Standing Up.
~ Ogden Nash
You Only Live Once -- But If You Work It Right, Once Is Enough.
~ Joe E. Lewis
Why Does This Magnificent Applied Science, Which Saves Work And Makes Life Easier, Bring Us Little Happiness The Simple Answer Runs Because We Have Not Yet Learned To Make Sensible Use Of It.
~ Albert Einstein
If I Should Die, I Have Left No Immortal Work Behind Me - Nothing To Make My Friends Proud Of My Memory - But I Have Loved The Principle Of Beauty In All Things, And If I Had Had Time I Would Have Made Myself Remembered.
~ John Keats, Letter to Fanny Brawne, Feb 1820 - Died 1 year late
Do Not Pray For Easy Lives. Pray To Be Stronger Men. Do Not Pray For Tasks Equal To Your Powers. Pray For Powers Equal To Your Tasks. Then The Doing Of Your Work Shall Be No Miracle, But You Shall Be The Miracle.
~ Phillips Brooks
If We Work Upon Marble, It Will Perish If We Work Upon Brass, Time Will Efface It If We Rear Temples, They Will Crumble Into Dust But If We Work Upon Immortal Minds And Instill Into Them Just Principles, We Are Then Engraving That Upon Tablets Which No Time Will Efface, But Will Brighten And Brighten To All Eternity.
~ Daniel Webste
If You Have Built Castles In The Air, Your Work Need Not Be Lost That Is Where They Should Be. Now Put The Foundations Under Them.
~ George Bernard Shaw
An Honest Man Is The Noblest Work Of God.
~ Alexander Pope
Every Human Being Has A Work To Carry On Within, Duties To Perform Abroad, Influence To Exert, Which Are Peculiarly His, And Which No Conscience But His Own Can Teach.
~ William Ellery Channing