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Funny Quotes

from thousands of famous people

From There To Here, And Here To There, Funny Things Are Everywhere.
~ Dr. Seuss
The Funny Thing About Stopping Is That As Soon As You Do It, Here You Are.
~ Jon Kabit- Zinn
The Best Ideas Come From Jokes. Make Your Thinking As Funny As Possible.
~ David Ogilvie
Life Was A Funny Thing That Occured On The Way To The Grave.
~ Quentin Crisp
A Little Girl Can Be Sweeter And Badder Oftener Than Anyone Else In The World. She Can Jitter Around, And Stomp, And Make Funny Noises That Frazzle Your Nerves, Yet Just When You Open Your Mouth She Stands There Demure With That Special Look In Her Eyes. A Girl Is Innocence Playing In The Mud, Beauty Standing On Its Head, And Motherhood Dragging A Doll By The Foot.
~ Alan Marshall Beck
The Leadership Instinct You Are Born With Is The Backbone. You Develop The Funny Bone And The Wishbone That Go With It.
~ Elaine Agathe
Life Does Not Cease To Be Funny When People Die; Any More Than It Ceases To Be Serious When People Laugh.
~ George Bernard Shaw
It Is Funny About Life: If You Refuse To Accept Anything But The Very Best You Will Very Often Get It.
~ W. Somerset Maugham
Comedy Is Simply A Funny Way Of Being Serious.
~ Peter Ustinov
There Is Nothing Funny About Halloween. This Sarcastic Festival Reflects, Rather, An Infernal Demand For Revenge By Children On The Adult World.
~ Jean Baudrillard
Everything Is Funny As Long As It Is Happening To Somebody Else.
~ Will Rogers, Illiterate Digest (1924), "Warning to Jokers: lay off the prince"
Thoughts Are Funny Little Things, They Can Make Paupers Or Make Kings.
~ Sidney Madwed