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Until And Unless You Discover That Money Is The Root Of All Good, You Ask For Your Own Destruction. When Money Ceases To Become The Means By Which Men Deal With One Another, Then Men Become The Tools Of Other Men. Blood, Whips And Guns--or Dollars. Take Your Choice--there Is No Other.
~ Ayn Rand
If High Heels Were So Wonderful, Men Would Be Wearing Them.
~ Sue Grafton
No. Men Should Die For Lies. But The Truth Is Too Precious To Die For.
~ Terry Pratchett, Small Gods
There Is A Tide In The Affairs Of Men Which Taken At The Flood, Leads On To Fortune Omitted, All The Voyage Of Their Life Is Bound In Shallows And In Miseries.
~ William Shakespeare
Nothing Is As Difficult As To Achieve Results In This World If One Is Filled Full Of Great Tolerance And The Milk Of Human Kindness. The Person Who Achieves Must Generally Be A One-ideaed Individual, Concentrated Entirely On That One Idea, And Ruthless In His Aspect Toward Other Men And Other Ideas.
~ Corinne Roosevelt Robinson
Wise Men Talk Because They Have Something To Say Fools Talk Because They Have To Say Something.
~ Saul Bellow
To The Biologist The Problem Of Socialism Appears Largely As A Problem Of Size. The Extreme Socialists Desire To Run Every Nation As A Single Business Concern. I Do Not Suppose That Henry Ford Would Find Much Difficulty In Running Andorra Or Luxembourg On A Socialistic Basis. He Has Already More Men On His Pay-roll Than Their Population. It Is Conceivable That A Syndicate Of Fords, If We Could Find Them, Would Make Belgium Ltd. Or Denmark Inc. Pay Their Way. But While Nationalization Of Certain Industries Is An Obvious Possibility In The Largest Of States, I Find It No Easier To Picture A Completely Socialized British Empire Or United States Than An Elephant Turning Somersaults Or A Hippopotamus Jumping A Hedge.
~ J. B. S. Haldane, "On Being the Right Size" in the (1928) book "Possible Worlds"
If A Man Knows The Law, Find Out, Though He Live In A Pine Shanty, And Resort To Him. And If A Man Can Pipe Or Sing, So As To Wrap The Imprisoned Soul In An Elysium; Or Can Paint A Landscape, And Convey Into Souls And Ochres All The Enchantments Of Spring Or Autumn; Or Can Liberate And Intoxicate All People Who Hear Him With Delicious Songs And Verses; It Is Certain That The Secret Cannot Be Kept; The First Witness Tells It To A Second, And Men Go By Fives And Tens And Fifties To His Doors.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Newpaper Editors Are Men Who Separate The Wheat From The Chaff, And Then Print The Chaff.
~ Adlai E. Stevenson Jr
Rarely Do We Find Men Who Willingly To Engage In Hard, Solid Thinking. There Is An Almost Universal Quest For Easy Answers And Half-baked Solutions. Nothing Pains Some People More Than Having To Think.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr
Life Is All One Piece. Men Err When They Think They Can Be Inhuman Exploiters In Their Business Life, And Loving Husbands And Fathers At Home. For Achievement Without Love Is A Cold And Tight-lipped Murderer Of Human Happiness Everywhere.
~ Smiley Blanton
Some Men See Things As They Are And Say Why I Dream Things That Never Were And Say Why Not.
~ Robert Francis Kennedy