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Youth Cannot Know How Age Thinks And Feels. But Old Men Are Guilty If They Forget What It Was To Be Young.
~ J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, 2003
Only Exceptionally Rational Men Can Afford To Be Absurd.
~ Allan Goldfein
All The Problems Of The World Could Be Settled Easily If Men Were Only Willing To Think. The Trouble Is That Men Very Often Resort To All Sorts Of Devices In Order Not To Think, Because Thinking Is Such Hard Work.
~ Thomas John Watson, Sr
From The Highest Mountains In The World, Men Seek For Higher Places To Climb, When In Their Heart, It Is Where The Climb Always Continues.
~ Jason Berg
When Men Exercise Their Reason Coolly And Freely On A Variety Of Distinct Questions, They Inevitably Fall Into Different Opinions On Some Of Them. When They Are Governed By A Common Passion, Their Opinions, If They Are To Be Called, Will Be The Same.
~ Alexander Hamilton
In A Way The CID Man Was Pretty Lucky, Because Outside The Hospital The War Was Still Going On. Men Went Mad And Were Rewarded With Medals. All Over The World, Boys On Every Side Of The Bomb Line Were Laying Down Their Lives For What They Had Been Told Was Their Country, And No One Seemed To Mind, Least Of All The Boys Who Were Laying Down Their Young Lives.
~ Joesph Heller, Catch-22
Few Men Are Willing To Brave The Disapproval Of Their Fellows, The Censure Of Their Colleagues, The Wrath Of Their Society. Moral Courage Is A Rarer Commodity Than Bravery In Battle Or Great Intelligence. Yet It Is The One Essential, Vital Quality For Those Who Seek To Change A World Which Yields Most Painfully To Change.
~ Robert F. Kennedy, 1966 speech
Most Men Do Not Mature, They Simply Grow Taller.
~ Leo Rosten
I Am An Agnostic; I Do Not Pretend To Know What Many Ignorant Men Are Sure Of.
~ Clarence Darrow
Some Men Never Seem To Grow Old. Always Active In Thought, Always Ready To Adopt New Ideas, They Are Never Chargeable With Foggyism. Satisfied, Yet Ever Dissatisfied, Settled, Yet Ever Unsettled, They Always Enjoy The Best Of What Is, Are The First To Find The Best Of What Will Be.
~ William Shakespeare
It Is Foolish And Wrong To Mourn The Men Who Died. Rather We Should Thank God That Such Men Lived.
~ George Smith Patton, Jr
Probably All Laws Are Useless, For Good Men Do Not Want Laws At All, And Bad Men Are Made No Better By Them.
~ Demonax