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Ambition Often Puts Men Upon Doing The Meanest Offices So Climbing Is Performed In The Same Posture With Creeping.
~ Jonathan Swift
Solitude, Though It May Be Silent As Light, Is Like Light, The Mightiest Of Agencies For Solitude Is Essential To Man. All Men Come Into This World Alone All Leave It Alone.
~ Thomas De Quincey
No Arsenal Or No Weapon In The Arsenals Of The World Is So Formidable As The Will And Moral Courage Of Free Men And Women.
~ Ronald Reagan
Why Has Government Been Instituted At All Because The Passions Of Men Will Not Conform To The Dictates Of Reason And Justice, Without Constraint.
~ Alexander Hamilton
It Is Not Because Angels Are Holier Than Men Or Devils That Makes Them Angels, But Because They Do Not Expect Holiness From One Another, But From God Only.
~ William Blake
The Noblest Of Men Deserves Not The Weakest Of Women.
~ Carey Bowman
Anger Makes Dull Men Witty, But It Keeps Them Poor.
~ Elizabeth I, in Francis Bacon, Apophthegms, 1625
What Plays The Mischief With The Truth Is That Men Will Insist Upon The Universal Application Of A Temporary Feeling Or Opinion.
~ Daisy Bates
Formerly, When Religion Was Strong And Science Weak, Men Mistook Magic For Medicine; Now, When Science Is Strong And Religion Weak, Men Mistake Medicine For Magic.
~ Thomas Szasz, The Second Sin (1973) "Science and Scientism"
We Believe That All Men Are Created Equal Because They Are Created In The Image Of God.
~ Harry S. Truman
Toward The Accomplishment Of An Aim, Which In Wantonness Of Atrocity Would Seem To Partake Of The Insane, He Will Direct A Cool Judgement, Sagacious And Sound. These Men Are Madmen, And Of The Most Dangerous Sort.
~ Herman Melville, Billy Budd, Sailo
I Bid Him Look Into The Lives Of Men As Though Into A Mirror, And From Others To Take An Example For Himself.
~ Terence, Adelphoe