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If The World Were A Logical Place, Men Would Ride Sidesaddle.
~ Rita Mae Brown
When Men Are Brought Face To Face With Their Opponents, Forced To Listen And Learn And Mend Their Ideas, They Cease To Be Children And Savages And Begin To Live Like Civilized Men. Then Only Is Freedom A Reality, When Men May Voice Their Opinions Because They Must Examine Their Opinions.
~ Walter Lippmann
Optimism Is The Content Of Small Men In High Places.
~ F. Scott Fitzgerald
If You Would Convince A Man That He Does Wrong, Do Right. Men Will Believe What They See.
~ Henry David Thoreau
Young Men Think Old Men Are Fools But Old Men Know Young Men Are Fools.
~ George Chapman
Man Is A Gregarious Animal And Much More So In His Mind Than In His Body. A Golden Rule; Judge Men Not By Their Opinions But By What Their Opinions Have Made Of Them.
~ Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
People Who Know Little Are Usually Great Talkers, While Men Who Know Much Say Little.
~ Jean Jacques Rousseau
Of Women I Do Not Wish Them To Have Power Over Men But Over Themselves.
~ Mary Wollstonecraft
Formerly, When Religion Was Strong And Science Weak, Men Mistook Magic For Medicine Now, When Science Is Strong And Religion Weak, Men Mistake Medicine For Magic.
~ Thomas Szasz
Cowards Die Many Times Before Their Deaths The Valiant Never Taste Of Death But Once. Of All The Wonders That I Yet Have Heard, It Seems To Me Most Strange That Men Should Fear Seeing That Death, A Necessary End, Will Come When It Will Come.
~ William Shakespeare
All Men By Nature Desire Knowledge.
~ Aristotle, Metaphysics
Character Is What God And The Angels Know Of Us; Reputation Is What Men And Women Think Of Us.
~ Horace Mann