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Here In America We Are Descended In Blood And In Spirit From Revolutionists And Rebels - Men And Women Who Dare To Dissent From Accepted Doctrine. As Their Heirs, May We Never Confuse Honest Dissent With Disloyal Subversion.
~ Dwight D Eisenhowe
It Is Not These Well-fed Long-haired Men That I Fear, But The Pale And The Hungry-looking.
~ Julius Caesar, from Plutarch, Lives
Unless Men See A Beauty And Delight In The Worship Of God, They Will Not Do It Willingly.
~ John Owen
There Is No Safety For Honest Men But By Believing All Possible Evil Of Evil Men.
~ Edmund Burke
Those Who Have Long Enjoyed Such Privleges As We Enjoy Forget In Time That Men Have Died To Win Them.
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt
Capitalism Is The Astounding Belief That The Most Wickedest Of Men Will Do The Most Wickedest Of Things For The Greatest Good Of Everyone.
~ John Maynard Keynes
Like Dogs In A Wheel, Birds In A Cage, Or Squirrels In A Chain, Ambitious Men Still Climb And Climb, With Great Labor, And Incessant Anxiety, But Never Reach The Top.
~ Robert Burton
Indians Are Plenty Smart. We Catch Small Wood. Build Small Fire. Stand Close And Stay Warm All Over. White Men Not So Smart. They Catch Big Wood. Build Big Fire. Stand Far Away, Burn Face And Freeze Ass.
~ Henry Seely
Great Men Are True Men, The Men In Whom Nature Has Succeeded. They Are Not Extraordinary - They Are In The True Order. It Is The Other Species Of Men Who Are Not What They Ought To Be.
~ Henri- Frederic Amiel
Ours Is The Age That Is Proud Of Machines That Think And Suspicious Of Men Who Try To.
~ H. Mumford Jones
The Men Who Really Believe In Themselves Are All In Lunatic Asylums.
~ G. K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy; p. 14
An Association Of Men Who Will Not Quarrel With One Another Is A Thing Which Has Never Yet Existed, From The Greatest Confederacy Of Nations Down To A Town Meeting Or A Vestry.
~ Thomas Jefferson