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Man Is Never Honestly The Fatalist, Nor Even The Stoic. He Fights His Fate, Often Desperately. He Is Forever Entering Bold Exceptions To The Rulings Of The Bench Of Gods. This Fighting, No Doubt, Makes For Human Progress, For It Favors The Strong And The Brave. It Also Makes For Beauty, For Lesser Men Try To Escape From A Hopeless And Intolerable World By Creating A More Lovely One Of Their Own.
~ H. L. Mencken
I Consider My Ability To Arouse Enthusiasm Among Men The Greatest Asset I Possess. The Way To Develop The Best That Is In A Man Is By Appreciation And Encouragement.
~ Charles Schwa
Life Is A Foreign Language All Men Mispronounce It.
~ Christopher Morley
Power Is What Men Seek, And Any Group That Gets It Will Abuse It. It Is The Same Story.
~ Lincoln Steffens
I Studied The Lives Of Great Men And Famous Women, And I Found That The Men And Women Who Got To The Top Were Those Who Did The Jobs They Had In Hand, With Everything They Had Of Energy And Enthusiasm.
~ Henry Truman
I Have Never Found A Companion That Was So Companionable As Solitude. We Are For The Most Part More Lonely When We Go Abroad Among Men Than When We Stay In Our Chambers. A Man Thinking Or Working Is Always Alone, Let Him Be Where He Will.
~ Henry David Thoreau
In A Few Minutes A Computer Can Make A Mistake So Great That It Would Have Taken Many Men Many Months To Equal It.
~ Unknown
Better Fare Hard With Good Men Than Feast It With Bad.
~ Thomas Paine
Underlying The Whole Scheme Of Civilization Is The Confidence Men Have In Each Other, Confidence In Their Integrity, Confidence In Their Honesty, Confidence In Their Future.
~ Bourke Cockran
Your Face Is A Book, Where Men May Read Strange Matters.
~ William Shakespeare
If Someone Tells You That The Fully Armored Man Of The Middle Ages Was So Encumbered By His Armor That He Could Not Rise If He Fell, You May Well Ask Yourself, First, If It Is Reasonable To Assume That Professional Soldiers Would Go On Wearing Armor That Kept Them From Fighting And Second, If This Theory Is In Line With What You Know Of The Heavily Armored Men Of Your Personal Acquaintance.
~ Niccola Sebastiani
Many Men Know How To Flatter, Few Men Know How To Praise.
~ Greek Prove