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Anger Will Never Disappear So Long As Thoughts Of Resentment Are Cherished In The Mind. Anger Will Disappear Just As Soon As Thoughts Of Resentment Are Forgotten.
~ Buddha
My Thoughts Are My Company I Can Bring Them Together, Select Them, Detain Them, Dismiss Them.
~ Walter Lando
Wake Up With One Mind, My Friends, And Kindle The Fire, You Many Who Share The Same Nest. Make Your Thoughts Harmonious Stretch Them On The Loom Make A Ship Whose Oars Will Carry Us Across.
~ Rig Veda
Nurture Your Mind With Great Thoughts To Believe In The Heroic Makes Heroes.
~ Benjamin Disraeli
Speak To Me As To Thy Thinkings, As Thou Dost Ruminate, And Give Thy Worst Of Thoughts The Worst Of Words.
~ William Shakespeare
Certain Thoughts Are Prayers. There Are Moments When Whatever Be The Attitude Of The Body, The Soul Is On Its Knees.
~ Victor Hugo
As You Cannot Have A Sweet And Wholesome Abode Unless You Admit The Air And Sunshine Freely Into Your Rooms, So A Strong Body And A Bright, Happy, Or Serene Countenance Can Only Result From The Free Admittance Into The Mind Of Thoughts Of Joy And Goodwill And Serenity.
~ James Allen, "As A Man Thinketh"
The Person Who Tries To Live Alone Will Not Succeed As A Human Being. His Heart Withers If It Does Not Answer Another Heart. His Mind Shrinks Away If He Hears Only The Echoes Of His Own Thoughts And Finds No Other Inspiration.
~ Pearl Sydenstricker Buck
The Aim Of Education Should Be To Teach Us Rather How To Think, Than What To Think--rather To Improve Our Minds, So As To Enable Us To Think For Ourselves, Than To Load The Memory With Thoughts Of Other Men.
~ Bill Beattie
Not A Hundredth Part Of The Thoughts In My Head Have Ever Been Or Ever Will Be Spoken Or Written -- As Long As I Keep My Senses, At Least.
~ Jane Welsh Carlyle
Drag Your Thoughts Away From Your Troubles.. By The Ears, By The Heels, Or Any Other Way You Can Manage It.
~ Mark Twain
My Thoughts Are My Company; I Can Bring Them Together, Select Them, Detain Them, Dismiss Them.
~ Walter Lando