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How Does The Poet Transform His Banal Thoughts Are Not Most Thoughts Banal? Into Such Stunning Forms, Into Beauty?
~ Joyce Carol Oates
Those Who Cannot Tell What They Desire Or Expect, Still Sigh And Struggle With Indefinite Thoughts And Vast Wishes.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Ideal Life Is In Our Blood And Never Will Be Still. Sad Will Be The Day For Any Man When He Becomes Contented With The Thoughts He Is Thinking And The Deeds He Is Doing -- Where There Is Not Forever Beating At The Doors Of His Soul Some Great Desire To Do Something Larger, Which He Knows That He Was Meant And Made To Do.
~ Phillips Brooks
Nurture Your Mind With Great Thoughts To Believe In The Heroic Makes Heroes.
~ Benjamin Disraeli
I Pray You Bear Me Henceforth From The Noise And Rumour Of The Field, Where I May Think The Remnant Of My Thoughts In Peace, And Part Of This Body And My Soul With Contemplation And Devout Desires.
~ William Shakespeare
Your Beliefs Become Your Thoughts. Your Thoughts Become Your Words. Your Words Become Your Actions. Your Actions Become Your Habits. Your Habits Become Your Values. Your Values Become Your Destiny.
~ Mahatma Gandhi
All Our Thoughts And Concepts Are Called Up By Sense-experiences And Have A Meaning Only In Reference To These Sense-experiences. On The Other Hand, However, They Are Products Of The Spontaneous Activity Of Our Minds They Are Thus In No Wise Logical Consequences Of The Contents Of These Sense-experiences. If, Therefore, We Wish To Grasp The Essence Of A Complex Of Abstract Notions We Must For The One Part Investigate The Mutual Relationships Between The Concepts And The Assertions Made About Them For The Other, We Must Investigate How They Are Related To The Experiences.
~ Albert Einstein
We Ask God To Forgive Us For Our Evil Thoughts And Evil Temper, But Rarely, If Ever Ask Him To Forgive Us For Our Sadness.
~ R. W. Dale
The Range Of What We Think And Do Is Limited By What We Fail To Notice. And Because We Fail To Notice That We Fail To Notice, There Is Little We Can Do To Change; Until We Notice How Failing To Notice Shapes Our Thoughts And Deeds.
~ R. D. Laing
We All Have Thoughts That Would Shame The Devil.
~ Mark Twain
My Thoughts Are My Company I Can Bring Them Together, Select Them, Detain Them, Dismiss Them.
~ Walter Lando
The Universe Is Change Our Life Is What Our Thoughts Make It.
~ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus