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Second Thoughts Are Ever Wiser.
~ Euripides
There Is Nothing Better For The Spirit Or The Body Than A Love Affair. It Elevates The Thoughts And Flattens The Stomachs.
~ Barbara Howa
Certain Thoughts Are Prayers. There Are Moments When Whatever Be The Attitude Of The Body, The Soul Is On Its Knees.
~ Victor Hugo
I Believe The Choice To Be Excellent Begins With Aligning Your Thoughts And Words With The Intention To Require More From Yourself.
~ Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine, December 2003
It Seems To Me That If You Or I Must Choose Between Two Courses Of Thoughts Or Action We Should Remember Our Dying And Try So To Live, That Our Death Brings No Pleasure On The World.
~ John Steinbeck
All Truly Wise Thoughts Have Been Thought Already Thousands Of Times But To Make Them Truly Ours, We Must Think Them Over Again Honestly, Till They Take Root In Our Personal Experience.
~ Johann von Goethe
To Me The Meanest Flower That Blows Can Give Thoughts That Do Often Lie Too Deep For Tears.
~ William Wordsworth, "Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood", 1803
To Be Healthy, Wealthy, Happy And Successful In Any And All Areas Of Your Life You Need To Be Aware That You Need To Think Healthy, Wealthy, Happy And Successful Thoughts Twenty Four Hours A Day And Cancel All Negative, Destructive, Fearful And Unhappy Thoughts. These Two Types Of Thought Cannot Coexist If You Want To Share In The Abundance That Surrounds Us All.
~ Sidney Madwed
My Words Fly Up, My Thoughts Remain Below Words Without Thoughts Never To Heaven Go.
~ William Shakespeare
It Is No Longer My Moral Duty As A Human Being To Achieve An Integrated And Unitary Set Of Explanations For My Thoughts And Feelings.
~ Bronwyn Davies
I Have Enjoyed Greatly The Second Blooming That Comes When You Finish The Life Of The Emotions And Of Personal Relations And Suddenly Find - At The Age Of Fifty, Say - That A Whole New Life Has Opened Before You, Filled With Things You Can Think About, Study, Or Read About... It Is As If A Fresh Sap Of Ideas And Thoughts Was Rising In You.
~ Agatha Christie
A Man Should Learn To Detect And Watch That Gleam That Flashes Across His Mind From Within, More Than The Lustre Of The Firmament Of Bards And Sages. Yet He Dismisses Without Notice His Own Thought, Because It Is His. In Every Work Of Genius We Recognize Our Own Rejected Thoughts They Come Back To Us With A Sort Of Alienated Majesty.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson