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Great Men Are They Who See That The Spiritual Is Stronger Than Any Material Force, That Thoughts Rule The World.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Learn The Art Of Patience. Apply Discipline To Your Thoughts When They Become Anxious Over The Outcome Of A Goal. Impatience Breeds Anxiety, Fear, Discouragement And Failure. Patience Creates Confidence, Decisiveness, And A Rational Outlook, Which Eventually Leads To Success.
~ Brian Adams
Who Dares Not Speak His Free Thoughts Is A Slave.
~ Euripides
My Words Fly Up, My Thoughts Remain Below: Words Without Thoughts Never To Heaven Go.
~ William Shakespeare, "Hamlet", Act 3 scene 3
Mathematics Is A Vast Adventure In Ideas; Its History Reflects Some Of The Noblest Thoughts Of Countless Generations.
~ Dirk Struik, A Concise History of Mathematics, vol. I
When I Read Great Literature, Great Drama, Speeches, Or Sermons, I Feel That The Human Mind Has Not Achieved Anything Greater Than The Ability To Share Feelings And Thoughts Through Language.
~ James Earl Jones
I Will Govern My Life And Thoughts As If The Whole World Were To See The One And Read The Other, For What Does It Signify To Make Anything A Secret To My Neighbor, When To God, Who Is The Searcher Of Our Hearts, All Our Privacies Are Open?
~ Seneca
I Am Absolutely Convinced That No Wealth In The World Can Help Humanity Forward, Even In The Hands Of The Most Devoted Worker. The Example Of Great And Pure Individuals Is The Only Thing That Can Lead Us To Noble Thoughts And Deeds. Money Only Appeals To Selfishness And Irresistibly Invites Abuse. Can Anyone Imagine Moses, Jesus Or Ghandi Armed With The Money-bags Of Carnegie.
~ Albert Einstein
The Good Times Of Today Are The Sad Thoughts Of Tomorrow.
~ Bob Marley
Thoughts Give Birth To A Creative Force That Is Neither Elemental Nor Sidereal. Thoughts Create A New Heaven, A New Firmament, A New Source Of Energy, From Which New Arts Flow. When A Man Undertakes To Create Something, He Establishes A New Heaven, As It Were And From It The Work That He Desires To Create Flows Into Him. For Such Is The Immensity Of Man That He Is Greater Than Heaven And Earth.
~ Philipus Aureolus Paracelsus
By Necessity, By Proclivity, And By Delight, We All Quote. In Fact, It Is As Difficult To Appropriate The Thoughts Of Others As It Is To Invent.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
We Not Only Live Among Men, But There Are Airy Hosts, Blessed Spectators, Sympathetic Lookers-on, That See And Know And Appreciate Our Thoughts And Feelings And Acts.
~ Henry Ward Beeche