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Time Quotes

from thousands of famous people

No Sun - No Moon! No Morn - No Noon - No Dawn - No Dusk - No Proper Time Of Day. No Warmth, No Cheerfulness, No Healthful Ease, No Comfortable Feel In Any Member - No Shade, No Shine, No Butterflies, No Bees, No Fruits, No Flowers, No Leaves, No Birds, November!
~ Thomas Hood (1799-1845), in the poem called No!
Quarrel Not At All. No Man Resolved To Make The Most Of Himself Can Spare Time For Personal Contention.
~ Abraham Lincoln, in a letter to J. M. Cutts, October 26, 1863
I Was Very Strange Back Then. I Could See I Had Problems. I Would Sit In A Closet A Lot Of The Time And Not Come Out, Or I Would Sit Up On Top Of My Desk, Or Under My Desk, Or Do Weird Things Like Get My Wisdom Teeth Out And Bleed All Over The Hallways.
~ Tim Burton, Burton On Burton
Take Death For Example. A Great Deal Of Our Effort Goes Into Avoiding It. We Make Extraordinary Efforts To Delay It, And Often Consider Its Intrusion A Tragic Event. Yet We? D Find It Hard To Live Without It. Death Gives Meaning To Our Lives. It Gives Importance And Value To Time. Time Would Become Meaningless If There Were Too Much Of It.
~ Ray Kurzweil, The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence
Once Upon A Time My Political Opponents Honored Me As Possessing The Fabulous Intellectual And Economic Power By Which I Created A World-wide Depression All By Myself.
~ Herbert Clark Hoove
There Is Time For Work. And There Is Time For Love. That Leaves No Other Time.
~ Coco Chanel
The Time To Pray Is Not When We Are In A Tight Spot But Just As Soon As We Get Out Of It.
~ Josh Billings
Perhaps In Time The So-called Dark Ages Will Be Thought Of As Including Our Own.
~ Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
An Unhurried Sense Of Time Is In Itself A Form Of Wealth.
~ Bonnie Friedman, in New York Times
What Is Morality In Any Given Time Or Place? It Is What The Majority Then And There Happen To Like, And Immorality Is What They Dislike.
~ Alfred North Whitehead
When The Time Comes For Friends To Part, Love Will Be The Bride, From Heart To Heart.
~ Unknown
J. Jonah Jameson Hoffman, Run Down To The Patent Office And Market The Name Green Goblin. I Want A Quarter Every Time Someone Says It.
~ Spider- Man