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Women Quotes

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Beauty Is The First Present Nature Gives To Women And The First It Takes Away.
~ Mere
Men And Women Are Limited Not By The Place Of Their Birth, Not By The Color Of Their Skin, But By The Size Of Their Hope.
~ John Johnson
Thirty-five Is A Very Attractive Age. London Society Is Full Of Women Of The Very Highest Birth Who Have, Of Their Own Free Choice, Remained Thirty-five For Years.
~ Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest, Act 3
Nothing Can Be More Absurd Than The Practice That Prevails In Our Country Of Men And Women Not Following The Same Pursuits With All Their Strengths And With One Mind, For Thus, The State Instead Of Being Whole Is Reduced To Half.
~ Plato
Swiftly Arose And Spread Around Me The Peace And Knowledge That Pass All The Argument Of The Earth, And I Know That The Hand Of God Is The Promise Of My Own, And I Know That The Spirit Of God Is The Brother Of My Own, And That All The Men Ever Born Are Also My Brothers, And The Women My Sisters And Lovers, And That A Kelson Of The Creation Is Love.
~ Walt Whitman
Change Comes Not From Men And Women Changing Their Minds, But From The Change From One Generation To The Next.
~ John Kenneth Galbraith
Bias Has To Be Taught. If You Hear Your Parents Downgrading Women Or People Of Different Backgrounds, Why, You Are Going To Do That.
~ Barbara Bush
The Marvel Of All History Is The Patience With Which Men And Women Submit To Burdens Unnecessarily Laid Upon Them By Their Governments.
~ William H. Borah
The Failure Of Women To Produce Genius Of The First Rank In Most Of The Supreme Forms Of Human Effort Has Been Used To Block The Way Of All Women Of Talent And Ambition For Intellectual Achievement In A Manner That Would Be Amusingly Absurd Were It Not So Monstrously Unjust And Socially Harmful.
~ Anna Garlin Spence
Most Great Men And Women Are Not Perfectly Rounded In Their Personalities, But Are Instead People Whose One Driving Enthusiasm Is So Great It Makes Their Faults Seem Insignificant.
~ Charles A. Cerami
Crash Programs Fail Because They Are Based On The Theory That, With Nine Women Pregnant, You Can Get A Baby A Month.
~ Wernher Von Braun
Men And Women, Women And Men. It Will Never Work.
~ Erica Jong